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  1. Hoping KM is reading your promise. lol
  2. maybe, we might get an Abrera Swan Lake debut this season?
  3. Marcelo Gomes will be doing Mother Simone in some performances( Roman Zhurbin is doing it too) according to ABT schedule. He will be something to see. Too bad i'm not in the NYC area at that time. Looking forward for reports. Surprised that D Simkin was not cast as Alain. I think he would have been wonderful in that role.
  4. It also has to have very good principal cast to succeed. I love Stella but i can't see her as Lise. Maybe because she always plays serious roles. I hope she proves me wrong. I wonder who will be Mother Simone in the present revival?
  5. It is unfortunate that La Fille does not have the recognition it deserves. IMO, it is just about the most enjoyable of ballets.
  6. Since Victor Barbee will be leaving ABT in July, who will be replacing him? Ethan Stiefel? Julio Bocca? JM Carreno? Any other ideas?
  7. In her FB, Christine Schevchenko posts that she is in St Petersburg- Mariinsky" taking classes and rehearsing". Maybe, she is the exchange artist?
  8. Just noted in the Mariinsky website that Hee seo will dance Aurora with V. Skylarov at the april 8,2016 MIB Festival performance of Sleeping beauty. Maybe, he is the TBD?
  9. Unfortunately, KMc does not listen to me( He would have promoted Stella 10 years ago otherwise. Ha Ha!). Maybe, he will see your review.
  10. I'm surprised Ruslan Skvortsov is not seen more in the west. He seems to have everything.
  11. Very happy as well, He is a terrific dancer and just need to be seen in a major role. NY is in for a treat.
  12. Sae Yun Park is Korean,Hannah O'neil is part Japanese and there are 2or3 Asians in the corp de ballet
  13. Sterling was a good partner but one wonders how she would looked with David or Marcelo or Roberto...
  14. Unfortunately, Alban has been out for a while, He has not danced anything at the RDB up to this month. He would be terrific as Colas in La Fille.... I hope he will be able to join the company in the Spring.
  15. 6 times? WOW! Not very familiar with Denmark but are these places close enough to travel with ease. Just curious.
  16. has the new season(2016-17) been posted?Hoping there will be more classical ballet.
  17. Remy Young was also promoted to apprentice. Good luck to both of them.
  18. ABT used to get KAB graduates including Michele Wiles and Hee Seo. It seems none of the present company members are from KAB.
  19. Stella has Marcelo in her Sleeping Beauty debut.
  20. Most of the casting is included now. Stella dances Aurora and Lise( La Fille) .Hooray but no Swan Lake? C Trenary also dances Aurora.
  21. Speaking of La Fille Mal Gardee, i know it is still far away but what would be the possible cast for spring. Gillian would definitely be cast again,possibly Misty and Isabella if Natalia Osipova will not return. I hope they ask Lesley Collier to coach the ladies. Herman, Alban and James should do well as Colas. David is too princely to dance Colas but might surprise us. Arron Scott, Daniil S and maybe, Jeffrey Cirio can do Alain. And in a master stroke of casting, KMc should try to convince M Gomes to dance Mother Simone. Marcelo did so well as Caraboose,so who knows. Any other suggestions?
  22. La Fille is finally back.... I'm in seventh heaven.
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