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  1. That has been ABT's problem for as long as i remember. Surely, some of their donors could sponsor longer rehearsal period.
  2. Another potential Gisele, is Paulina Waski. She did a very creditable Gisele in a Xiomara Reyes-staged Gisele in Conn last year.
  3. How can the dancers dance in those costumes( if the sketches shown will be the actual costumes) ?
  4. I think the last 3 shows were sold out after the mostly favorable reviews.Too bad ,it was a bit late.
  5. Although not as well known as Sylvie Guillem and Isabelle Guerin, Karin Averty had a distinguished career at the POB ,dancing all the major ballerina roles in the POB repertoire. She was also a Varna IBC Gold medallist.
  6. As always, your reviews makes us feel like we are there. Thank you.
  7. No, he has not danced the Prodigal Son. It will be a debut for him.
  8. Complete SB casting for the Paris tour and partial casting for the Fall season is posted at the ABT site.
  9. Lendorf is listed for the Fall season. He has also started dancing with the RDB tour.
  10. It seems no one remembers the big failures( except the dancer or the AD) but everyone remembers the triumphal debuts.
  11. After several months absence, David posted this Instagram message "emerging from the shadows" . I hope this is an indication that he is finally returning to dance.
  12. Many of the ballets are either new or has not been done by the company lately. They probably will wait until the rehearsals start in Sept(?).
  13. Hoping Arte would also live stream ABT-Ratmansky Sleeping Beauty for a future DVD
  14. It would be wonderful if ABT can get Alessandra Ferri as a ballet mistress or coach for the ABT ladies, if she is willing.
  15. Enchanted Forest ? That's one that i have never heard before..Any info?
  16. Jeffrey,IMO, deserved to be promoted based on his performances this past season. None of the other male soloists made much impressions. If, ABT is doing DQ next season,Jerff would make a terrific Basilio. Congrats Jeff/ Maybe, Calvin must be planning to leave ABT( based on his latest Instagram)So the company did not want to waste a promotional space.
  17. There are other tall dancers in the corps just waiting for a chance to show their talent specially Gray Davis, Daniel Mantei and Marshall Whiteley.
  18. Lendorf just did his 1st performance since his injury with the RDB China tour.
  19. The Ratmansky Paquita is 2 acts. Most of the US productions are the 1-act Grand Pas.
  20. He will but when. ABT tends to be on the slower side on promotions of deserving dancers.
  21. Actually, J Cirio was first cast but was replaced by Herman at the Gala only.
  22. I'm afraid that if La Fille gets the same reception as Sylvia, we will be seeing less Ashtons in the coming seasons.
  23. According to her FB account, Giselle was just promoted to be a member of the corp de ballet. congratulations.
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