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  1. celebrate (sel'e brat'), v., -brat-ed, -brating,---vt. 1. to observe or commemorate with festivities. to perform with appropriate rites. --vi 3. to have a good time. What I read in the prospectus of NYBC plans for the 100th, seemed to answer exactly the criteria for a Celebration. Consider how many members, dancers, teachers, pianists, seemstress' stagehands,and all the rest of the crew who make up the family of NYCB, who worked and danced and whose memories of steps and ballets and music of their beloved Mr. B. are forever printed in their minds and hearts, planning to do anything other than honor and praise the man they all knew as a giant genius. To all these talented hard-working people belongs respect and huzzahs. They warmly deserve our applause, not to mention a standing ovation!
  2. There are so many dancers to watch , so many principals' to catch the eye, small wonder you can't comment on everyone! However if when given the opportunity to see Keenan your review will be welcome to those of us who see a future there. Thank you for your quick responce, Leigh Witchel.
  3. Leigh Witchel wrote "I got an ID on who the "run-onprincipalwas in Western- it's Glenn Keenan. Earlier this season I had asked the same question about the girl in green in Interplay. Nina replied that it was Glenn Keenan. I asked my question because she, Keenan, caught my eye---there is something in the way she moves and holds her head that is tantalizing to watch. I'm apparently not the only who enjoys her artistry, and would like to see much more of her. Can you L.W. please say what caught your eye? Your comments are always very interesting and learned, your further thoughts would be welcome.
  4. To see Wheeldon in anything he has done,is like looking into the future and knowing we needn't worry about where ballet is going. Not that he needs it but he has my sincere admiration and good wishes for a long life of making dances' sing. Liturgy joins a famous company.
  5. Nina, I ditto your last sentence in regard to Keenan and Veyette.Some casting of those two in West Side Story!
  6. My bad luck not being able to see Brahams. Can I rely on you lucky ones to fill in details on how with the glorious music, the NYCB's company aquitted itself? Many Thanks.
  7. Thanks for all the info on SAB only trained dancers. I'd forgotten to go to "Dancers". It gives the run down on everyone and is very good. Go to NYCB and "Dancers". Looking forward to Wendy W. and Damion W. Tuesday P.M. Great to see him again! Even though I saw Interplay earlier it will be fun to see it again. I love the music. Can anyone who saw this before, clue me in on the girl with the short pony-tail and the yellow-green dress? She captured the feeling I know J. Robbins was after.She is like a sophisticated puppy, long hands and feet, beautiful expression. As she matures she will be amazing. The young small dark "turning" boy was equally super. What a treat.
  8. Looked up Ansanelli CV in NYCB DANCERS, and find she has a ballet background of much experience in many schools. Entered SAB in1990. Pretty woman and a pleasure to watch! Beeb
  9. Thank you CalMia. They are a credit to the school!;)
  10. Someone asked an interesting question. Does anyone know if there are any current members (dancers) whose entire ballet lessons and background have been only within the SAB and are known dancers in the NYCBallet Co.? Anyone know?
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