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  1. Now how do you guys find out about these news? I was planning on skipping any more ballets for this year because I'm broke but I don't want a repeat of the disappointment I felt when I missed out on seeing Vicki Attard one last time so I guess I'll be going to Three Musketeers.
  2. At the moment I'm reading: 'Pride and Prejudice', which, I've read so many times I can quote it in my sleep; 'Sophie's World' - a bit slow-going at first because it seemed to state the obvious (to me anyway) but it's getting really interesting 'Herodotus - The History' - not as heavy (literally too) as Thucydides and unintentionally comic. A Mills and Boon book:o - I don't need to give the title as they are all the same.
  3. Hi Katharyn! How was the Triple Bill? I would have gone to see that too if I hadn't been desperately broke.
  4. Indeed! When I said it broke the spell I meant Odile's spell. The glitch didn't take away the beauty of the performance. I was reading a review today and the critic didn't it find it emotionally moving. This was my first live Swan Lake and I was very moved. In the long queue to the bathroom all I heard were people gushing about the performance. I wonder sometimes if critics are really discerning or they've just been over exposed that they become disensitised and therefore looks for so much more to please them . Sorry, Jeannie. No offence intended!
  5. Thanks for your reply, Glebb. I've seen a publicity photo of the Australian Ballet for the Cranko version and Juliet is wearing a sexy burgundy (cocktail?) dress http://www.australianballet.com.au/index.c...d=1&submenuid=1 So I thought that it has a more contemporary setting and possibly choreography. I'm not sure if this is just something that the Australian Ballet has done with regards to the costume as I've never heard of or seen Juliet in any other colour other than the virginal white.
  6. As I am only familiar with the MacMillan version of Romeo and Juliet, I was wondering if anyone here (and I'm sure there's at least one!) have seen both. How does the two compare and which one did you like better?
  7. Thanks Krista The mistake was a shame but the rest was magical and memorable. I have now really made up my mind, after having a look at available seats, that I will go and see Alina Cojocaru in Giselle. I'll probably buy the ticket tomorrow. I know I should be studying but I'll probably never have this chance again while there'll always be make-up exams!
  8. I had a fantastic night! Despite having a really bad tummy ache in the first two acts I was still very moved. The props were very impressive particularly the ballroom in act 3. What was most impressive was the grand "mirror" (large and oval framed in gold and I'm guessing is perspex or fiber glass) that reflected the dancers in a dark and mysterious way. I didn't notice it as much during the character dances because the stage was very busy but it was really eerie during the black swan pas de deux. It gave the sensation that something was not right. It was akin to looking through a crystal ball. It was in the mirror of course that Odette appeared. The costumes, jewellery, and headdresses were stunning. The swan corps wore layered 3/4 length tutu skirts and the black swans wore the same but with a white bodice and black skirt. I thought it looked a bit weird, act 4 looked almost contemporary at a glance. The black skirt reminded me of an ostrich rather than a swan. The pas de trois was very good, I liked particularly Mara Galeazzi (1st soloist). Act 2 was beautiful. The corps were impeccable (as they were throughout), the Cygnets were lovely and in sync and it was at this point that I realised that their tutus were making lovely rustling sounds in time with the music! The Two Swans were a bit out of sync but I saw why people were raving about Marianela Nunez. She is lovely to watch, very effortless. Darcey Bussell was absolutely breathtaking. Her movements were so fluid, her extensions were magnificent and balance flawless. She has beautiul expressions and I did not feel like she was just acting. I have never seen a more flawless act 2, but then again I've only seen a few. After act 2, my friend, who is not very well acquainted with ballet, said that you could really tell the Prima ballerinas and that there was something really special about her. my friend now wishes to see more ballets which I think is the highest compliment you could give to a performance. The character dances in act 3 were very good. I absolutely loved the Neapolitan dance but then it has always been my favourite along with the Spanish. It was very cheecky and really delightful to watch. I was just smiling the whole way. Black Swan PDD...hmmm... Jonathan Cope's technique was very secure... and so was his performance. His jumps and turns were perfect but I thought he looked flat. I felt that he lacked bravura. It just didn't do anything for me. I found out this morning that he collapsed last week due to a virus and missed the Brisbane opening. At the risk of sounding extremely harsh (and thank god this is the buddy board!) he probably should have given last night's performance a miss too. Darcey Bussell was amazing, very regal, evil and her facial expression was seductive. Everything was going well for her until the 32 fouett├ęs. I've never liked her fouett├ęs (floppy feet), I think she lost her spot near the end and was starting to travel a bit, she finished the last turn but lost her balance and ended up taking a step back with her back to the audience. The audience was stunned, the guests were stunned, Siegfried was stunned or maybe unstunned, he honestly had an expression on his face as if Odile's spell had been broken! and saw her for who she really was. Darcey walked to the corner for the next series still as Odile but I found, unmistakably by her body language, that she was composing herself. I think the entire theatre was there to see her because after the stunned silence there was an eruption of applause that shook the theatre. It was such a shame because it was the only fault in the perfromance but it was so crucial and for me it broke the spell. The show went on and the rest of the act was dramatic and I think it's the only time that I felt something for Siegfried. Despite his lack of bravura Jonathan Cope is still a good actor. Nevertheless act four was as solid as act 2. Darcey Bussell was again exquisite, the lifts were effortless, both Odette and Siegfried were heartbroken. Darcey was ever so graceful even as she jumped over the cliff. At curtain call I had the urge to jump up and give Ross Stretton a standing ovation and I would have if I wasn't in any danger of throwing up. I wasn't a big fan of his when he was AD of the Australian Ballet but I was so grateful that he gave us the opportunity to see the Royal Ballet. Both Darcey Bussell and Jonathan Cope received a standing ovation, somewhat reluctantly. I am now resolved to see Alina Cojacaru in Giselle.
  9. One more sleep to go! Tomorrow night I'll be watching the Royal Ballet perform Swan Lake. I'm so excited! I can hardly concentrate on my forthcoming exams (Ugggh!).
  10. I hope this isn't too stupid a question:o How do ballet (or Opera for that matter) subscriptions work? What happens when you can't make it to a performance? Are the tickets transferable? Can someone please explain? Thanks
  11. I'm not entirely sure where to post this but since I'm here anyway... I do wonder if the "sex/skin sells" marketing strategy really change people's (by that I mean those who don't know any better) opinion/perception of ballet. I'd like to walk down the streets of Sydney showing people the offending photos and ask each of them "So what do you think of ballet and ballet dancers now?" Sports have been using the same tactic to get people's attention for years. Almost every sport has a nude calendar, I think. But that's sports and little can be more artless. God forbid if companies resort to nudy calendars even if it's called "tasteful nudity". Anyway do we really want the kind of audience targeted by this marketing at a ballet? They'll be too preoccupied perving at the dancers to appreciate the dancing (possibly while opening candy wrappers or making stupid comments to their dates ). Despite some companies' need to "reinvent" it's image I'm fairly confident that Ballet can survive without selling out. [ December 20, 2001: Message edited by: attitude ]
  12. I haven't seen the photos as I'm not really in the habit of reading men's magazines but I've seen the coffee table book "Tutu" (here's a preview: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/186...qid=1008768814/ sr=2-2/ref=sr_2_11_2/002-9796590-5041629]. the pocket sized version "Mini Tutu" and the Australian Ballet Diary. All are packed with photos of AB dancers in various degrees of undress and very little tutus to be seen, there were no stilletos just pointe shoes. I'm not sure if the poses are similar but the books like the magazine spread aim to portray ballet dancers as strong, sexy etc. Many of the photos are quite impressive although some I'd have to say are bordering on soft porn (but then again I'm a tad bit conservative). I'll try to work up the courage to flick through FHM at the newsagent and I'll tell you what I think. If the uninitiated was actually enticed to go and see the AB by these pictures I think he's in for a big disappointment, there's not much nudity in Coppelia. "...and to allow small groups of students to attend rehearsals with small scale "talks" with dancers of both sexes before and afterwards..." They actually do that and subscribers are also entitled. As for the webcam I think I might give that a try , for educational purposes, of course. [ December 19, 2001: Message edited by: attitude ] [Edited by Alexandra to break the long link. You'll have to cut and paste it into your browser, but long links throw the margin and make the thread hard to read.] [ December 19, 2001: Message edited by: alexandra ]
  13. Hands down, Maurice Bejart's "Nutcracker".
  14. piccolo, I don't think I'm quite game enough to try that experiment! I'm right-handed and better at doing most things to the right like turns, extensions and jumps. Although I am better at balancing on my left leg.
  15. My heart goes out to all the victims of this tragedy. Having watched the events live on TV all night I cannot describe the terror I felt. I have never seen my city as sombre as it was today. We are all in shock. My whole family prays that everything will be alright and justice will be done.
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