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  1. i totally agree, i said the same kind of things about rojo and acosta to a friend of mine but she disagreed and i thought it might just have been me being weird! (but she's slightly biased as a really big rojo fan!)
  2. I saw the Rojo/ Acosta cast on 13th jan! I found the ballet as enchanting as the first time i was it! Rojo (admitedly not my favourite RB principle) was a stunning technically, she appeared to approach this role as much gusto as she always does, but for me (and i know rojo_fan will disagree) she wasn't quite..... i dont really know how to describe it........she just wasn't MY giselle!?! Acosta too was great, but to me it felt as though he was "Acosta playing Albrecht" in opposed to BEING Albrecht! I'm being quite picky here, so don't misunderstand it was a wonderful performance. Yanowsky gave
  3. How exciting, i hadn't heard anything about the New Hip-Hop nutcracker yet, Mum's cousin's partner did most of the music for it- i'm glad to hear it's doing do well!
  4. Has anyone else seen the mixed bill at ROH? 'Gong' chor. Mark Morris 'Proverb' chor. William Tuckett 'Broken Fall' chor. Russell Meliphant 'Qualia' chor. Wayne McGregor Having seen Gong before (and throughly disliking it!) i was pleasently surprised to enjoy its rather 'interesting' costume and wide use of dance movement vocabulary! The mens costume were quite plain but were accented with gold hoop earings (which in my mind made them look like dancers from 'corsaire gone wrong') I felt it to be generally cleaner performance than last time i saw it, and with no grumpy looking principles d
  5. Did anyone see the triple bill at ROH? Wheeldon's Polyphonia Balanchine's Four Temperaments Kylian's Sinfonetta Personally, thought it was an interesting combination of ballets. Wasn't impressed with polyphonia admitedly (although rojo_fan will disagree) i found it a bit...... like student choreography! It had great 'moments' but as a whole piece it wasn't for me! The 4 temps was great, meloncolic as particularly well danced by Bonelli! Though Edward Watson was (as usual) wonderful as Phlegmatic, using his over flexablity its full extent! Mmmmm, what to say of sinfonetta............. CH
  6. Hear, Hear! I'm honestly not being biased but Johan and Alina were so wonderful. I really felt that wednesday's cast was perfect! Their characteristions were deep and multi-layered: Johan, before my very eyes, transformed himself from the 31 year old dancer I know (and LOVE) into the young and rather nieve teenage Romeo! The balcony PdD was sheer heaven, and small details such as the way he grabbed Lady Capulet's skirt in utter sorrow after killing Tybalt......... I really had died and gone to heaven (Rojo_fan and I are not ashmed to say were in tears at several sections of the ballet! )
  7. I have to admit, as a regular opera house go-er- that i tend to get standing tickets for triple bills such as the one above because i know its unlikely to sell out and just sneek into some seats as the lights go down! But the ushers have actually cottoned on to this clever plot and now look at the cost of our ticket and send us to an 'appropiate' seating area!
  8. I would have loved for you guys to have seen Johan in Flint's The Lesson (part of his Out of Denmark programme in London. Note to self remember to write the review which i promised weeks ago!! Whoops.....) He was stunning, full of character- drawing on (what i felt were) all the right aspects of Flint's psycotic ballet teacher. Very, very scary....... but made me long to see him in macmillan's Mayerling again!! But this is : :offtopic: so i'll stop!
  9. Johan Kobborg does not lack line, and theres no more to say about that!! I think you'll find that almost all of the london critics disagree with you, especially from a dancer/actor perspective! Very rarely does he get a bad review, either for his dancing or his acting! So overall you had a good night then!!???
  10. I went, i saw and i was amazed! I promise to write a 'proper' review but i haven't got the time or energy right now!!
  11. Just read on ballet.co that the programme includes one of Flemming Flindt’s most admired pieces, The Lesson, danced for the first time by Johan Kobborg, Alina Cojocaru, and Zenaida Yanowsky. Kobborg and Cojocaru are also paired for the revival and first UK performance of Harald Lander’s 1942 Pas de Deux Festpolonaise, and join ten other dancers for August Bournonville’s lively Napoli Act III. A rarely seen duet is Jockey Dance featuring Royal Ballet dancers Ricardo Cervera and Bennet Gartside, choreographed by August Bournonville in 1876 for the ballet From Siberia to Moscow. More Danish clas
  12. Not long now! yeah yeah yeah yeah :hyper: yeah yeah yeah yeah Can't wait! Still resentful that i have to teach til 7.30 on opening night so i can't go :angry: , but 3 out of 4 isn't that bad! :grinning: Its going to be great (i hope im not dissappointed)
  13. I saw it, but have been busy! I'll get writing about it tomorrow, if anyone is still interested!!??
  14. Ha ha..... you said the magic words!!!!! Kobborg.......... Genius dancer esp. when he dances with alina c!!!!!
  15. I've herd that said about LaRiche before, i have bot experienced enough of Paris opera etc to pass comment. :shrug: Though I must say he did give a good performance! She was lovely, once she lost her nerves- but its only my (very personal) opinion! As i posted before, i have to write horrid things esp. about my favorite RDB dancer!!!!!!!! but i just didn't feel she was on top of it!!
  16. Theres a gorgeous picture of Greve and Schandorff in the Manon programme, and the lines are perfect!!!!
  17. I think thats probably along the right lines!! I remember the RB version being very spacious with wide and broad movements, esp. party scene! But the stage at the royal opera house is huge!! esp. compaired to Gamle Scene! She's too tall for him!! (as is often the problem with tall girls, eg. Darcy Bussel)
  18. Though I have been to 3 out of 4 of the sites (and have read the articals on the 4th, when they were printed in Dance Now) i'd still like ti give a big wink to Alexandra!! You clever clever lady!!! :blushing:
  19. Last night i went to see RDB do Manon! Manon- Silja Schandorff Des Grieux - Nicolas Le Riche Lescaut - Jean-Lucien Massot I have to admit to being slightly disappointed by the 1st Act, it looked like the dancers were not fully warmed up (to the parts OR their bodies!!) Dancers were bumping in to each other, accidentaly grand battement-ing each other!! Some of the dancers were off on the timing, though alot of the macmillan timing is difficult, however this really no excuse! I was dissappointed to see that Schandorff (whom i usually enjoy watching of all the RDB principles) giving what w
  20. I will do!! As soon as this, 30th, post has been put up!! Otherwise i don't count as full member!!
  21. Thanks for your ideas! I have already seen parts of bournonville's 50 enchainements, and it is as you say, Paul, very useful!! And Kobborg shows NO signs of having trouble with double tours any more!! I'm a devoute Kobborg fan........... Does anyone have any ideas for thesis topics (at degree level) which involve anything to do with danish ballet- I'd be greatul for any and all ideas....... as the summer is coming to an end and im running dry of ideas myself :shrug: i've got to get started on it ASAP!
  22. I dont know if you ment just RDB pics? But try (if you haven't already): www.bournonville.com http://www.kgl-teater.dk/dkt2002/Presserum...llet/frame3.htm http://www.ballerinagallery.com/ I also have a few other likes (not RDB) to some lovely ballet pics!!
  23. I'm so annoyed that i to miss it! I was invited to a 50th b-day party, so caouldn't go!! I was really looking forward to it. Shame to hear there are so many dancers injured, wonder how it will impact on the new season?? :sweating: With Manon coming up (a very demanding ballet, to say the least) how will they manage? Im really interested in seeing Manon by the royal danish, having seen it in london not that long a go, it'll be an interesting experience! Hopefully they'll be in better form for the 'european works triple bill'!! Interesting, to read about the new work being commisioned by Ne
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