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  1. attn kbarber: Robbie F isn't scheduled to perform AAIP in London on Mondays or Wed mat. Now that might change next week since he's missing today's Tuesday performance, but you might want to check with the theatre boxoffice first... good luck!
  2. Hi - I notice that Lopatkina is now listed as dancing both Dying Swan *and* Scheherazade (with Ivanchenko) on April 5 matinee (she's already slated for Scheherazade with Kozlov in the evening). This appears to be one of the recent cast changes, since Kondaurova was originally listed for the matinee. I'm a little surprised that they'd have Lopatkina dancing 2 Scheherazade's on the same day. Could this be a typo?
  3. Don't know if this is appropriate place to post, but anyone interested in getting tickets to Kirov in LA, might consider joining www.goldstarevents.com. There is no charge for joining. They're now offering half-price tickets to the Wed/Thurs (10/5-6) performances. It's very likely that they will open up other dates as well. I've gotten tickets thru the site in the past (SF Opera, Music Center performances) and have never had a problem (so far they only serve LA and SF area). They identify the section, but you won't know the actual seat until you pick them up at boxoffice. I got my tic
  4. Must say I agree with Thalictum re Sarafanov. He looked like someone's baby brother partnering Vishneva at last year's Bayadere in LA, and hardly a credible Solor. It made for a very different experience from the Bayadere Vishneva danced with Fadeyev 2-3 years before in NY. Sarafanov was quite impressive in his solo dancing, but he seemed somewhat lacking in confidence as a partner. Not exactly reassuring. Maybe it's just his youth, but I must admit, I prefer male dancers who generate a bit more heat. Looking forward to the Spectacular (and Lopatkina), and Boris G. --M
  5. Don't know how accurate this is, but found preliminary schedule at Ardani Artists posted for Fall 2005 Kirov tour, performing Sleeping Beauty (LA, Detroit, Cleveland, Chicag) and Corsaire (Berkeley), as well as a 2-week long Mariinsky Festival to take place Oct 2006 in Costa Mesa (Orange County)! This last is really ambitious - including Gergiev conducting the entire Ring cycle, some symphonic concerts, Romeo & Juliet, and Raymonda. I'd read that Corsaire was going to DC next year, but it's not listed on the Ardani site (perhaps this is because Kennedy Center has a different cont
  6. Hi- just couldn't deal with being in DC Jan 20, which is why I opted for the final performance on Jan 22, although I knew I'd be taking a big chance on the cast for that date. I'm just hoping that Lopatkina dances that final matinee, since it was just seeing her name listed that made me decide to fly out. In any case, I'm looking forward to seeing the Kirov Spec and I'm staying for the Boris Godunov opera as well (seems rather appropriate) - one can never have too much of the Kirov in my opinion... I also noticed that hotel rates are ridiculously inflated during the week, but they
  7. Hi - I've purchased tickets for the Kirov Spectacular on Jan 22. The Kennedy Center website states that Lopatkina will be performing the 'Dying Swan' - and I'm just wondering if anyone has any more information about the performers for this engagement. I know the Kirov cast schedule can be pretty volatile, but I'm just hoping that Lopatkina is scheduled for this final (of 3) performance. If she is scheduled to come, I assume she'd dance on opening night, but I'm also hoping she'll dance this last performance as well.
  8. Hi Wanderer1: If by the first row of the upper tier, you mean row AA, then you are off on the side, so will have a slightly obstructed view. However, it is infinitely better than last row of the orchestra, in my opinion. There is very little rake in the orchestra, which means you are subject to tall folk, pointy heads, and large hair - this can be a problem even closer up in the orchestra. I wouldn't exactly put Zellerbach on the small size, unless a 2000-seat hall is considered small, but the AA tier seats are nearly level with the stage, so it provides a very interesting perspective,
  9. You can listen to a 10 minute backstage interview on Kirov preparations for the Boston performances at public radio station WBUR.
  10. I think Zobeide was Lopatkina - the same pairing as that in Berkeley's opening night. And, *wow* is a succinct way to describe the Kirov Sheherazade.
  11. Although belated - thought I'd pass along some impressions from opening night Fokine program in Berkeley's Zellerbach Hall. I saw 3 of the Kirov performances (1 Fokine; 2 Jewels); as well as Bayadere in LA. And this weekend will get another Jewels dose...after that I hock all my furniture. The opening night Fokine program was wonderful - the absolute highlight for me (as well as almost everyone else judging by the chorus of bravos ringing out in the hall) was the Sheherazade, so I'll mainly report my impressions of that particular piece. The opening Chopiniana like a calling card - sort
  12. I've heard report that for opening, Lopatkina and Ruzimatov will appear in Scheherezade; Vishneva in opening Rubies. Of course, with the Kirov, cast changes are not at all uncommon (ballet as well as opera). I have been waiting to see Lopatkina for years so would be very pleased if the above is true. On top of that, Gergiev is officially announced for the opening (which means he flies out immediately after the performance since he's scheduled to conduct Traviata at the Met the following evening!), so I take it their major dancers will be on hand.
  13. Kirov Ballet and Orchestra will perform 2 programs (including complete Jewels) in Berkeley Zellerbach Hall in October 2003. This is part their North American tour this fall. Also, La Bayadere in LA. Don't have the complete schedule, but they are also scheduled for Wash DC. Saw the Bayadere in NY last year - the most glorious Kingdom of the Shades imaginable. If ever one wanted an example of what makes Petipa special, and what makes Russian dancers something else - this will do it...
  14. Saw their Romeo and Juliet Thursday night in Berkeley. I hadn't seen this company for many years and had never seen this version of the ballet. The Prokofiev score is arguably the greatest ballet score ever written; even in a mediocre dance performance there is at least the music to relish. I had seen the Stuttgart in more contemporary pieces, and was amazed at how beautifully they performed this classical piece. The male dancers in the troupe are standouts. Filip Barankiewicz danced Romeo with a strengh and beauty that was blissful. He also showed charm and humor - something we don
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