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  1. I really hate it when people's babies cry at the end of year performance and all you can hear on the video tape that is made for us is the sound of crying screaming babies. I know it is hard for people to leave little babies at home sometimes but I do wish they would take them out of the theatre when the baby starts to cry. :angry: Maybe some Valium might help (Just kidding, really I am )
  2. I've also seen this video on Australian TV several times, also went to see the 1999 production and really enjoyed it. Did you know that the ballet was filmed in an old airplane hanger outside Melbourne and the floor being concrete almost 'killed' their feet. In my 1999 programme their is a bit of the history about the film of Nureyev's production. There was some misgivings about the film being distributed on video because it hadn't sold well up to that time, the film was 'washed out' and had to be restored too. Also the program gives some interviews with the dancers, poor Marilyn Rowe had a new costume that had to be glued to her skin but the glue didn't hold and she ended up dancing topless and nobody told her.
  3. Thanks for your help Mr. Johnson, I'll be doing some research, I think:)
  4. sorry bad spelling , I tried to edit but don't think it worked. Any way, crying, although cring(e) is what we do when we hear WAH on the tape
  5. This topic has been brought up at parent meetings and we are getting new video people who will take the sound directly from the sound board "thingy" to avoid cring baby sounds but (sigh) our old performance tapes will still have WAH, WAH, WAH.
  6. Ohh, stupid me, I shoud have looked there, but I was also interested in if there is deeper meaning to the story. Sorry, I don't really know how to phrase that better. More like the information in the archives about Swan Lake etc
  7. My mum started taking us (my brother and me ) to ballets and musicals when we were about four/ five. She said we always were well behaved although we did ask the occasional whispered question. But at my end of the year ballet concerts parents are requested not to bring very young children because it is quite long (and crying, screaming babies/ toddlers upset audience members, hinted at but not really stated by the studio manager). But guess what? Some parents who do bring their little ones WILL NOT take the child out when they start screaming and all that noise comes out on the video of the performance. What do you think of that?
  8. My mum is going to take me to the Australian Ballet's performance of The Three Musketeers. Can any one give me any information about this ballet. I've been reading different threads about Swan Lake, Copellia, Giselle etc., your knowledge is amazing. How do you remember all that information?
  9. Hi Mr Johnson, When I put the question mark after Aurora's birthday I meant that I think it's her 16th in the Aus production. Sorry, I should of made myself clearer.
  10. hi balletmom 311, We had the same problem, very annoying particularly when you want to watch people you know dance. All I can suggest is to try again over the next few days, which is what we did and we got a synchronised sound and picture the second time we tried. Hope you get to see it, there are some great dancers there.
  11. Am I allowed to give a reply? I'm not sure because I'm new:confused: . In the Australian production Aurora's costume in Act One is pink (for her 16th birthday?)with a head piece of gold with pearl spikes and pale pink flowers. The other tutu is white or cream with gold because that is her wedding tutu. I can check out my video of the Aus. production and give you more details if you like.
  12. the Prix gold medal winner Steven McRae (sorry, I' m not being picky:)) and a finalist Alexander Campbell are Aussie boys from Sydney. I've seen them both dance here in Sydney and they are impressive, though two different "styles". Alexander won the Mc Donald's Performing Arts Challenge 2002 ( I don't know if it's connected to the fast food company of the same name, haha) and Steven won the Gold medal in the Genee competition 2002, Sydney, an RAD comp held for the first time outside the Uk. i'm happy to let you know both have got scholarships to the Royal Ballet School and will join some more Aussies, Natasha Kusen and Phillip Brock-Atkinson. Go the Aussies. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie Oi,Oi, Oi. ( No offence to other countries:))
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