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  1. Just wondering, where can you purchase ballet music cd's? I've looked in a lot of music stores, but they never seem to have ballet music.
  2. I think talking during the intermission or before the performance has started is ok. I mean it could be important. But I don't think people should have cell phones on during a performance. It's rude. People should turn them off like they do at movie theaters. Though making it a law is a bit harsh I think. I think people should be asked nicely to turn off their phones and if they don't that's their problem.
  3. I'm not really sure what choregraphy we're using since we haven't actually started it yet and there hasn't been that much info. I think we'll probably use my teacher's mom's choreography which is pretty cool.
  4. I am going to be dancing in the ballet Cinderella soon. I know the non-dancing story of Cinderella ,but what is the ballet story? I was also wondering what the hard parts are and what is a good part to try out for. _________________ *Dancer's Kick butt!!!*
  5. I have a question. Is ballet a sport? Lots of my friends think it isn't a sport. But I say it is. You have to do plenty of hard stuff in ballet. Some of the stuff is probably harder than regular sports. I know people who say that you don't do anything in ballet. You just look pretty and graceful. But we have to do more than that right? One of my teachers at school called it an art. Is ballet an art? Or is it a sport?
  6. Sorry! It is in Maple Valley, Washington(state). primaballerina13
  7. Try going to www.google.com and typing in American Ballet Theatre. it might show some pictures primaballerina13
  8. There is a new ballet company called Ensemble Ballet Theatre. It is really cool! In March they will be performing Peter and the Wolf and variations. And next year they will be doing Cinderella. The company is kinda small, but they are very good. They are out of Dance Expressions in Washington. They will be having tryouts to get in the company this summer. So if you are ever in Washington, go see them!
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