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  1. Thanks! I am learning a lot on these boards just after a couple of days! So, is the company just The National Ballet? Thanks for your information!!
  2. Follow this link www.het-nationale-ballet.nl/new/mpg/filmpop.php4?mpg=s-sylve to watch something amazing!!! I wish that I could turn like that! I have never heard of the Het National Ballet untill I saw this...they have more videos on their website www.het-nationale-ballet.nl/new/html_uk/index_uk.html just click on dancers and some of the names have video clips!!! ENJOY!!!
  3. wow that looks like a wonderful program full of dancers i would love to see...too bad im not in greece!
  4. i was looking online and i dont think the bayadere DVD is available in the US:(
  5. liljules5

    julie kent

    Has anyone ever written fan mail to her??? I know that you can probably just send something to ABT's address with her name..........I'm sure she would respond because I have heard many people say how nice she is! she is sowonderful and I look up to her so much! She is a beautiful dancer!!!!!!
  6. just kidding...i see on that site............$200 to rent it? that is rediculous!! i would love to watch it but not for that kind of money! thanks for the info tho!
  7. WOW!! thats a pricey video!! do happen to know where i could go about renting it?
  8. thanks for all your suggestions... i watched my balanchine celebration video the other day and saw here but i personally dont see the resemblance....shes a beautiful dancer tho!
  9. I thought he did a wonderful job with the Corsaire video (ABT)...he was a thrill to watch and I loved his expressions!!
  10. i have been told by my teacher (former principal with POB) that i remind him of isabelle guerin...anyone have pics or video recommendations?
  11. i got to see julie kent dance sugarplum with damien woetzel as her cavalier! it was wonderful! i love julie kent so much and she is such a wonderful dancer!! a dream to watch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I saw somewhere about some movie on ABT called Ballet by e. weisman?? anyone heard of this or where you can find it?
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