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  1. I second that. I totally expected to see Daniil listed as Mercutio this year. He is a natural for the part!
  2. As a frequent attendee at the New York State Theater, I am very grateful to Mr. Koch for his enormous generosity. With a donation like that, he deserves to have his name on the building. The important thing is that it will still continue to house the NYCB, which is what brings me to the NYST in the first place. And how wonderful it will be to have a newly renovated house! Thank you to Mr. Koch for taking such good care of Mr. B’s company!
  3. Has the casting been changed for the June 10 - Don Q - Latin night? I still see Paloma and Angel listed on ABT's website, but I haven't picked up a new casting sheet at the MET since Monday night. As far as NYCB, no they don't make promises, but they do post casting about 2 weeks in advance. However, people get ill or injured, so it is not unusual to have one of those dreaded white slips inside the playbill. The only promise that I have seen was an e-mail from NYCB saying that although Damian Woetzel's final performance was sold out, tickets could still be purchased for his final performances, which they listed in detail in the e-mail. I was grateful for the information and bought tickets based on the information they provided. My heart sunk whey I discovered that Damian was replaced in Brahms-Schoenberg Quartet (one of the 2 ballets he was supposed to dance on the program). As far as I was concerned that was a promise.
  4. Hi Klavier, I saw Friday night’s opening night as well as the Saturday matinee. I also have a ticket for this Saturday night with Vishneva. Everyone has their own take on the ballet, scenery, costumes, choreography, and of course the dancing. I have seen a number of different Sleeping Beauty productions over the years so I am hardly a newcomer to this ballet. I am happy to report that I enjoyed both performances so far, and look forward to Saturday night’s cast as well. Don’t sell your ticket. Go and enjoy the ballet, you may be pleasantly surprised.
  5. Darcey Bussell had a guest spot on the English sitcom "The Vicar of Dibley" some years back (USA broadcast on PBS). She played herself and danced opposite Dawn French. Absolutely hilarious!
  6. Carbro, I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree as I didn't see anything lacking in Angel's performances. I was mesmerized, particularly by the second Corsaire pdd (I saw both) which left me with my mouth hanging wide open. Erica was terrific as the cowgirl, and it’s great to have her back. I agree about the explosive hidden force. She really shined this season. I also loved Reyes who had a slightly different take on the role. I agree with eveyone about Craig Salstein. His tap dancing was a particular treat. In the Upper Room blew me away, just as it did years ago when it was performed at the MET. Wow! The dancers have boundless energy that left me wanting more more more! I felt like I was sweating along with them! Misty Copeland and Sascha Radetsky really stood out. I thought the entire season was a success. It seemed to be the best City Center Season that ABT has had yet.
  7. When did it become a crime to show off? If you’ve got it, flaunt it! I have to assume that you haven’t seen very much of Angel. He HAS performed in many new roles and different styles. I’ve had the opportunity to see him dance in almost every ballet that he has performed with ABT (many of them multiple times). I have been following his career since his arrival at ABT and have watched his artistry grow in leaps and bounds. He has gone from Bronze Idol to Danseur Noble and has matured into a wonderful dance actor. Angel becomes consumed with the character and completely devours the choreography. He’s got it all. The fact that he can do the pyrotechnics makes him only the more exciting. He IS the complete package.
  8. To Amy'sMom - Stella didn't dance on Saturday. She was replaced by Maria Riccetto. To everyone writing these wonderful posts - I don't post very often, but I was so wound up after the first 3 performances of Le Corsaire, that I wanted to share in everyone's excitement. I saw Thursday, Friday and the Saturday matinee of Le Corsaire. I'm enjoying reading everyone's reviews. Thursday nights all star male cast of Bocca, Corella, Carreno, and Cornejo was too good to be true. I am still pinching myself! I have not seen Bocca dance so well in years. Angel always leaves me screaming, and Thursday night was no exception. Wow! All of the men were to die for. Carreno danced gorgeously, and Cornejo seemed to just fly. Reyes was lovely as Gunare. Friday night's Corsaire was sans Solymosi. Gomes replaced him, and was wonderful as Conrad. Wiles was very nice as Medora and Riccetto was lovely as Gunare. Acosta was spectacular as Ali. What gorgeous turns! On Saturday, Murphy made a lovely Medora, as did Riccetto as Gunare again. Angel's Ali left me SCREAMING (again!) and Gennadi Saveliev was absolutely wonderful as Lankendem. I have never seen Gennadi dance so brilliantly. Maxim danced Conrad on Saturday, and while he did an admirable job, he did not match Gomes or Bocca as far as virtuosity and technical brilliance. As strange as it seems, I am not even sick of the ballet! I wish I was able to attend the Tuesday night performance! To those of you who are going, ENJOY!
  9. Had an argument during the first intermission with the gentleman in the seat next to me. I mentioned that it was Fayette who had just danced and he insisted that it was Askegard. I guess if it's in print, then it must be true! (I'm glad they weren't subscription seats!). Ulbricht was totally amazing in Tarantella, and Who Cares was gorgeous. The entire cast danced it beautifully. And as far as Jennifer Ringer .... Wow! I could not take my eyes off her!
  10. Wow! Just got back from seeing Sofiane Sylve in Western Symphony where she danced the third movement with Nikolaj Hubbe. She is totally amazing. Looking forward to seeing her again (next Sunday) in the same ballet when she is partnered with Igor Zelensky.
  11. I am also wondering why no one seems to like that certain soloist. I find her to be sweet and charming. Her dancing and characterizations sometimes remind me a little bit of Cheryl Yaeger. However, I am not completely enamored with all of his other partners.
  12. I've read many of the books that have been mentioned, and while they are all interesting, I think the ones that I particularly loved were Valery Panov's "To Dance" and Alexandra Danilova's "Choura". Just talking about them makes me want to go find them and read them again..
  13. Alexandra - Thanks for the advance tip on the Wayne Brady show. I taped it while I was at work and just finished watching it. And yes Maxi, it would be nice if they did an interview afterwards. I fast forwarded hoping that they might have one, but alas...
  14. Thanks Roma and Ari. I have the video with Darcey dancing Agon with NYCB, but I have yet to see her dance it live (she is absolutely amazing even on video.) She was exceptional in Stravinsky's Violin Concerto, which may be the only Balanchine piece I've seen her dance on stage.
  15. Some of my favorite choices would be: * I second BalletNut with Viviana Durante and Irek Mukhamedov in R&J. They're brilliant together. *Angel Corrella and Nina Ananiasvili in Don Q (never been done...yet!) * I second pointe with Angel Corrella and Paloma Herrera in Don Q (pointe - they are to die for) *Sylvie Guillem in Grand Pas Classique *Altynai Asylmuratova in La Bayadere (with the exciting solo that everyone always seems to leave out!) *Damian Woetzel and Maria Kowroski in Don Q (I know Damian has guested in the role, but I've never seen him dance it, and I can only imagine how wonderful Maria would be as Kitri) *Darcey Bussell in Agon And the list goes on......
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