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  1. I am waiting for it to be updated on Cinema HD apk to be able to watch it, since I do not have much time to go to theaters or dangerous epidemic situation.
  2. Hello community, Today my cinema hd app reports that the phenomenon is not working, I checked the network connection as well as updates. I removed the application reinstall and then rebooted the device and still got that problem. I have so much free time that I don't have any shows or movies to watch. Please help me solve it if you've ever encountered the above problem. I have just found a tutorial on how to fix this error, people can refer to it here: https://medium.com/@leekristines42/why-cinema-hd-not-working-new-fix-july-2020-99de4e1c3e8f I have implemented the method of installing a new version of cinema hd v2.2.2 at Techbigs and found it to be much more stable. Thanks for watching the article
  3. Can someone help me fix the error of cinema app not working? or have any tutorial article to share with me. An article directed me to Techbigs to experience the new version.
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