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  1. I love what you write here Quiggin. Especially your first paragraph. I think the same can be said for all art. As society changes so too does its art.
  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here, Buddy. Sincere wishes from over here for it to all run smoothly. 🤞
  3. She has an impressive background. As a general viewpoint, I do not believe one must have had a career as a professional dancer in order to write well on the subject of dance.
  4. What an achievement, Swanilda8! Congrats to you and I look forward to reading it.
  5. Thank you dearly for these tips, pherank. I thought it was our ancient computer that was making the video playback so cumbersome... It is much better on the channel and with those settings.
  6. Indeed - how fantastic to discover the wonderful world of ballet. I am happy you are here. What a great idea to develop short stories. I do hope you share them
  7. Thank you for this, kylara7. I found the whole interview insightful. In particular, I found the part where it was expressed that, moving forward, holding companies accountable will be the most important of all: “You posted your black square on Instagram. Now what?” Precisely.
  8. This was, indeed, quite professional in its presentation. What an interesting series. Kudos to the San Francisco Symphony. Thank you for the recommendation, pherank!
  9. Thank you for sharing this! We are registered and looking forward to sharing a Napa Valley wine in honour of Mr. Luke 🥂
  10. Words fail to describe how horrifically unjust and unacceptable these figures are. There needs to be systemic change.
  11. Unfortunately, I do not know the answer to this. I only have the current roster to reference. It sounds that, at least a couple of decades ago, there were significantly more graduates in the company. I think your point about the two organizations not being officially affiliated (and therefore the same level of “interest” not being there) is sound. Ultimately, the fact that NBS graduates are dancing in world-class companies around the world speaks for itself. Being more familiar with San Francisco Ballet I can definitely see what you mean about the time it takes to nurture home-grown talents. It does not happen overnight but it is possible. And what a treat for an audience to witness such development and growth.
  12. According to the current company website, 43% of their total dancers are from the national school. Of the principal dancers, the percentage drops to 31%.
  13. Thank you for such a thorough account of the fact that there were more school graduates in the company in the 1980’s. The correlation you make of there being far fewer graduates today (because the training standard is allegedly sub-par) is not causation. There are many possible reasons why students from that school may not be joining the NBOC. With the aforementioned numbers now settled, and getting back to the subject at hand, I must admit that I am in complete agreement with On Pointe on the following:
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