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  1. Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings about Gene Marinaccio...He was a HUGE impact in my LIFE/career/and spiritual path forward!! Thanks again 🙏🙏
  2. Hey..I am writing this w/many emotions and feelings!!! I was a very devoted and serious student and dancer w/DANCER/TEACHER/CHOEROGRAPHER Gene Marinaccio in approximately the middle 1960’s..the “Cantque de la vie “ period !! I danced w/Linda Marx in another Marinaccio spectacular and Bill Merriman (?) ..the 2 years B4 I studied w/Pasadena Dance Theater under Evelyn La Monde.and TEDD WELSCH !!! ..I Loved dancing so much and KNEW that “Cantique” was going to b the BEST choreography I would ever dance!!! ..the “FUNNY GIRL” situation... After 35 years of working, and 12 of then in Sa Diego w/Ca. Ballet / SD Opera and the BEST w/StarlightMuscialTheatet .(Don and Bonnie Ward )..I am so appreciating of ALL that Gene and .. I must say, so that TEDD WELSCH also was a BIG inspiration and my FIRST teacher !!! I owe him and am so ashamed!!! ..Gene was a HUGE INSPIRATION to me and ALL who encounter him ..I GOT HIM(it took only years after) I listened to ADAGIO FOR STRINGS this AM and I CRYED !! That BALLET WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I remember the FIRST time I PERFORMED IT WAS IN LONG BEACH AND IT WAS LIKE MY FIRST BIG BALLET APPEARANCE!! MAGICAL!! I remember Gene did my makeup and I looked FUCKEN BEAUTIFUL!!! I didn’t want to take it off !! My partner was HOLLY ...She was a BIG inspiration!!! I am writing this to say that I think GENE and ALL of his work should B RE-DISCOVERED !! Looking back..I think ..maybe....politics got in the way... !! It was the 70’s....WE NEED A REVVAL OF HIS WORKS !!! ..... GERALD (Jerry) MORENO..
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