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  1. Good points, well made. It just occurred to me that Kolpakova always seems a strong supporter and advocate of Lane. You'd think, or hope, that she'd have some sway - everyone loves her and she's undeniably a master! Watching her coaching sessions is one of my favorite things! Separately - I was also thinking, as others have mentioned earlier, that it would be wonderful if ABT brought on Irina & Max for some in-house coaching. Kolpakova can't coach everyone, but I'm sure you're right it's about money and they may want to keep their freedom/flexibility. The company would sooo benef
  2. In an effort to understand the strong feelings represented here regarding the treatment of Lane – namely humiliated by the company, injustice, possibly about to be let go** etc. - out of curiosity, I ran a few numbers. The numbers are limited to just the ABT 2020 Spring Season, per the thread, and I've only included lead roles in full length ballets. (I've done roles, not no. of shows...) Lastly, I didn't count the secondary billed roles in Love & Rage since, as discussed here, I don't know how much dancing they entail - if anyone sees the March shows of L&R - I'd love to hear ab
  3. Thanks! I should have been more clear, I could see what she was doing (and it's def not Berthe's fault) but I just don't feel the ends justify the means - that is to say having her hair all the way smoothly down isn't worth her mother's reaction to her daughter's collapse to be fixing her hair. For me, it takes me out of it. If you watch the Obratsova one at Paris Opera on YouTube, her hair never makes it all the way down - she tears at it, it becomes a mess, mother comforts her, she gets up again with it in disarray. It's just the direction of that action that bothers me. Not hugely, bu
  4. Oh I agree with this whole-heartedly. So many casting decisions are a mystery to me. I always wish I knew or had the inside track as it is at times beyond baffling. The predilections of ADs has no baring on what is “natural” or “normal”! Boylston is technically strong, solid and reliable - I can see how that would be of value to an AD, but she has never touched my soul. There could also be a dozen reasons political or otherwise that we will never be privy to. Maybe she’s charming or laughs at his jokes more than others - Lol. Hee Seo is another one that fails to move me and Mckenzie s
  5. I really don’t understand this notion of a natural “fill-in-the-blank” role and I don’t think it is a particularly helpful one. One of my favorite actors Harriet Walter always says to herself before she walks on stage: “It could be you Harriet, it could be you.” And one of the best pieces of advice I remember receiving as an actor (when I was cast as Juliet and was very self conscious of my double d’s, thinking no one would buy me as 13, I didn’t look right or “natural”. A more senior actor told me to “act it” if you were 13 and had double d’s, how would that affect you, the way you walk, c
  6. The top knock-your-socks-off performances in the leads for me this week were Simkin, Brandt, and Katherine Williams!! Superb debut by Aran and very strong debuts by Hurlin and Ahn as well, the latter being better than I expected (obvs expectations were high for Hurlin). Personally, I found Foster forgettable, but I don't really understand the interest in him, perhaps I missed the key performance. I didn't get tix to Seo or Copeland as I've seen them once before and once was enough, the Thursday was sold out before Brandt was subbed in so I can't speak to how she performed on Thursday, but
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