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  1. I felt like Smirnova was a little emotionally detached in the white scenes. I didn't get the sense of desperation and longing for freedom in the sissones that I saw in Zakharova's Odette solo in the last Bolshoi Swan Lake transmission. But to me, Smirnova seemed to wake up as Odile. I especially liked the distinctive way she played the moment when Odette appears at the window, mocking Siegfried instead of trying to conceal the white swan. I know a lot of people don't like this production but I actually love the gloom of the castle set.
  2. I wanted to create a topic to discuss this Sunday's Bolshoi transmission of Swan Lake. Do people have thoughts on why the casting changed so suddenly from Ovcharenko to Tissi (at the same time that Smirnova's casting was announced)?
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