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  1. Last week Megan Fairchild did a 51 minute interview with Kathryn Morgan on her instagram. About 3/4 or 2/3 of the way through, Megan asked Kathryn about what her future hopes were (in an awkward way), regarding her "platform" and Kathryn answered that she would no longer be in Miami. Kathryn said she would like to be dancing somewhere, anywhere (paraphrased?) and that she really missed her youtube productions/fans.
  2. Wonderful, Petra! I'm looking forward to seeing 8 principals + soloists in Sara Mearns' hometown dancing with the college ballet company. Also, it's a "gig", it's still glorious to see! Balanchine Rep is what they "bring" to the USC gala.
  3. I'd love to hear some good words/encouragement about this show I'm going to see...with my ballet daughters ages 11 and 13: On Sunday, 3/29, we are driving 3 hours to Columbia, SC to see the University ballet program put on Brahams Schoenburg, Raymonda and a Martha Graham solo (Ekstasis) by Sara Means. The NYCB principals + soloists coming to perform are: Sara Means, Megan Fairchild, Emilie Gerrity and Indiana Woodward. Also, Taylor Stanley, Joe Gordon, Andy Veyette and Tyler Angle. I am very familiar with all these dancers and have become a huge fan of the Balanchine/NYCB rep!
  4. Gia Kourlous had an article/review in the NY Times Dance section of "Voices". You can do a search online under "Dance" and all previous articles show up.
  5. Casting for the first week of New York City Ballet's Swan Lake is posted for all (major) roles in the area where you purchase tickets on their website. The principal roles are also listed on the casting download. I did not see any "Pas De Quatre" listing, only the "Pas De Trois" as well as many other lead roles. I am thrilled to be attending on Friday, February 21st with my husband as part of our 20th anniversary outings. Lauren Lovette and Harrison Ball will be the leads. Someone tell me this will be wonderful with them! I have seen all the other Principal ballerinas in two Ba
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