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  1. Thank you everyone for your thoughts! I booked my flights. I just can’t pass up the opportunity to see Sofiane in a role created for her. I wish I could stay for Program 6 but alas, not this visit. I love reading this forum and appreciate hearing everyone’s thoughts on performances and dancers. I dearly miss the days when the WMOH was a bike ride away. @seattle_dancer Thank you for the links to more of Dawson’s work! Unrelated: in November 2017, I walked out of my house in Portland, OR and saw a young blonde woman and brown-haired man walking towards me. As we passed each other, I said “Excuse me, but are you Sasha De Sola and Max Cauthorn?” It was
  2. Dear SFB fans, I am interested in hearing people’s thoughts on Anima Animus and Program 5 in general. I’m tempted to travel to SF to see it, as Sofiane Sylve is one of my all-time favorite dancers and it’s a rare chance to see her in a new work choreographed for her (I missed the Unbound festival). Would you consider Anima Animus an okay/good/great/phenomenal work, and how is Sylve in it? I’ve seen 7 for 8 and remember it as a nice enough but not particularly memorable Tomasson piece. Don’t know much about the Mrs Robinson piece or Marsten’s work. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated!
  3. Former SF resident and huge fan of San Francisco Ballet.
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