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  1. Thank you. I am going to see if I can trace Lyudmila's lineage as well. I had only been able to find information about Aleksandr, so this is one generation further (if accurate). I very much appreciate the help.
  2. Is anyone familiar with the geneaology of Agrippina Vaganova? I have been able to determine that she had one son, Aleksandr Pomerantsev, but I cannot trace her family any further with what I know. Did Aleksandr have any children? It appears that Aleksandr did not follow his mother's pursuits and did not live a life involved with ballet. Does anyone know if that is correct? While her biographies are filled with the details of her professional life I have yet to find information about her child or subsequent grandchildren. Thank you.
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    Hello, I am a ballet parent who had absolutely no relevant prior experience or understanding of classical ballet. It's been a steep learning curve as my dancer is extremely committed and determined and, unfortunately we live in an area with some "interesting" options for a motivated student. As always I am open to learning and also aware that so much gets lost in the written word. I hope that if I do somehow upset or offend you'll educate and forgive me as my intentions are always good, but I know that delivery is not always the same. Thanks for having me!
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