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  1. That's nice to hear, Buddy -- judging from a few clips, it was a performance well done. Though I find Louvet a bit short for Skorik. Ballerinas grow a lot throughout their careers; at the middle of their careers they won't be as green as they once were. I also hope that Iliushkina will dance Odette/Odile again; maybe even Giselle. She is the truest delight of the young generation in recent years. Stay safe and healthy!
  2. She could have a more mysterious and stealthy Odile instead of the overtly sexy types we are used to seeing. I must say again that I am so very pleased that the management specifically chose her to dance O/O. She is often excluded from the discussion on up and coming new ballerinas, but now the tide has turned in her favor. All the best for her, health and most importantly luck.
  3. Two Instagram videos of her rehearsal and private debut in Odette for an unannounced company performance. I think she will do wonderfully. Some people say that she may not be able to handle Odile, but we'll see. I for one am glad for this debut.
  4. She broke her rib recently, it seemed that he pushed her up into lift at that spot. Overall I'd say she reaches out the audience more now, as there are more spontaneous nuances to the dancing. And very enjoyable, imo.
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