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  1. What is unfortunate about this is that it does not seem to be "girls fighting", but just Waterbury. Maxwell doesn't seem to be calling Waterbury names, calling her a "bi***", talking about her nude photo's publicly on her social media, and telling her that she is in "denial". She did mention the phone call between them, which is speaking from her experience. Waterbury is recklessly Instagram shaming another woman while Maxwell is saying, "It is not my mission to diminish the feelings of Alexandra's". Just a thought and something to think about.
  2. It is astounding to me that this Waterbury issue is still dragging on. She seems to have stopped directly and publicly attacking everyone except for Ramasar (who did not send her photos but sent Maxwell's). Waterbury brought Maxwell's name into things a day before Maxwell made her statement. It is also stated that Maxwell decided to speak out in response to the recent media attention that has been escalating. I think it was brave for Maxwell to state her truth, and thought she did so clearly and decently. Maxwell is allowed to speak her truth just as Waterbury has had no problem speaking hers.
  3. I third that! I thought that overall the cast was truly a "dream". Mearns was breathtaking and dancing with complete abandon and beauty. Harrison Ball as puck gave a whimsical impression of the role that I was intrigued with throughout. Huxley made Oberon look like a breeze and I liked to see him using more acting skills, especially in the opening miming with Mearns. I must admit that Pereira, King, Nelson, and Applebaum were not my absolute favorite, but it is almost impossible to not enjoy the comedic lovers quarreling. Hyltin and Ramasar were a pure delight to watch in the second act Divert
  4. Ashly's performance quality will be missed. I always admired her dancing because it seemed that she dove into every role full force. I remember her dancing Martins "Morgen" a couple of years back, and they way she was flinging herself across the stage without any fear took my breath away. So many memorable roles for her! I am sure she will succeed in whatever she does.
  5. I agree, and am beyond glad he is back. The reaction of the audience both before and after was wonderful! The way he danced, and partnered Mearns was exactly what the audience has been missing, in my opinion. Sara Mearns was smiling, electric, and looked like she was enjoying every second of dancing with him. I thought all of the principal dancers in Brahms were quite beautiful as well, especially Lauren Lovette in the second movement. While Lydia Wellington wasn't as impactful as Emily Kikta, I thought she made a great debut as well.
  6. Anthony Huxley and Sterling Hyltin in scotch were absolutely breathtaking. Sterling has such an ethereal, special quality to her dancing... one of my favorite ballerinas and this role was perfect for her. Anthony never fails to impress with his outstanding technical skill. I also thought Christina Clark was a nice standout in the corps. As much as I usually adore Indiana Woodward, I found her performance in Valse to be a bit sloppy, and I am not referring to the slip with Ball. While her performance quality was electric as usual, I found myself wishing that she would find more moments of calm
  7. Excited to see Ramasar and Mearns re-united onstage, they are fabulous together! Also interested to see Huxley in Theme, his technique will shine bright in that no doubt.
  8. I noticed a young corps member, Jonathan Fahoury, last night in both Oltremare and Rodeo. He did a little duet with Pollack in Oltremare and caught my attention with his fluid, natural, musical movements. He then danced Taylor Stanley's old part in Rodeo, and again was a standout for me. He has a movement quality that I can see taking him places in this company in the future. I look forward to seeing him grow more, and is definitely someone to keep an eye on!
  9. If you go back and re-read the complaint against Ramasar you will not find any evidence that he participated in these said group conversations. Many people have come to the same conclusion based on how the media lumped the three boys and donor together. There is nothing in the lawsuit that accuses Ramasar of making comments about "farm animals", "sluts", religion, race, gender or anything like about his colleagues. He is only quoted in text conversations solely between him and Finlay. Ramasar also clarifies on his second Instagram post (below) after being terminated that he was not part of any
  10. Ramasar is back on the NYCB website. Nice video of him talking about 'Pictures at an Exhibition'. I do wish he was dancing in his originated role this week! https://www.nycballet.com/Dancers/Dancers-Bios/Amar-Ramasar.aspx
  11. As someone who has been following NYCB for the past 8 years, and a big fan of both Ramasar and Catazaro, I must admit that I was initially disturbed by this lawsuit and these allegations. As time has gone on and more facts have been revealed, I have come to change my view on the situation and see eye to eye with the arbitrators decision. I view the ruling as just based on the contract and circumstances. As far as we know, Ramasar was not involved in group conversations and only sent photos of one female company member, his long time girlfriend. If she has found it in her heart to forgive his
  12. I have been wanting to become a new member of Ballet Alert for some time now. Being someone who has danced since the age of 3 and a fan of ballet now, I follow this blog closely. New York City ballet is my favorite company, and I have been closely following them over the past 8 years. Would love to participate in the discussions on this blog and am looking forward to the upcoming spring season at NYCB. Very excited to contribute to the discussions in a community of those who appreciate the art of ballet and dance!
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