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  1. Does anyone know who is dancing Carmen in the next broadcast? I have presumed it will be Zakharova but have not been able to find a cast list and am not so secretly hoping for Stepanova.
  2. Well, I wouldn't be surprised if the Bayadere tour does feature all the first years, and in more prominent roles then just the pas de trois or something. Khoreva and Nuykina are already preparing the leads in Bayadere for a debut on the 13th of July. https://www.mariinsky.ru/en/playbill/playbill/2019/7/13/1_1900
  3. Apparently Tereshkina feels similarly. I had thought she was injured but she is listed as dancing Kitri at MT on the 14th. She also danced Zobiede in Schereazade on the 9th. It's understandable if she wants to stay at home to avoid the stress of going abroad and Shyklarov wants to guest in Berlin but these both sound like issues that could have been planned out way in advance to present more accurate information to ticket buyers. It's just frustrating.
  4. I will be attending the Tereshkina performance on Sunday! Beyond excited for her, Renata Shakirova and Kimin Kim!
  5. I am lucky enough that I was able to catch 4/5 of this past weekends performances. Student Tickets are a godsend. Thursday Night Oksana Maslova and Arian Molina Soca were the lead couple tonight and this performances was highly publicized both around the city and on PA's Instagram. On paper, Oksana has everything to be the ideal Giselle. On stage, while there were some stunning moments, her charming personality shone in the first act and she showed her gorgeous flexibility and turnout in the 2nd act. In between, there were moments where her arms looked a bit uncoordinated. She ha
  6. TempsdeCuisse


    Hi, I have been reading this form for quite some time now and thought it was about time I made an account. I am currently a ballet student in the Philadelphia area studying at a quite well known professional training school. Excited to get to know you all! -Elle
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