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  1. 2 hours ago, DC Export said:


    I found the end-note a little troubling. City Ballet in jeopardy of losing a major talent because of the lack of clarity on the artistic vision? Could be author commentary.... but what if it isn't?

    I just read the article.  It is a little disturbing to think that Taylor Stanley might eventually leave the company to seek artistic fulfillment elsewhere.  Frankly when they lost Ramasar, Stanley was my only consolation among the principal men.  Not happy with the Angle brothers... 

  2. SO excited to see Ashly Isaacs will be back, though she seems to be cast only in Times are Racing at this point.  Where was she?? 

    Also, I totally agree about the weird bow on the man in Tschai Pas.

    Saw the rehearsal today.  Looks like it was the cast with Gerrity and Wellington and I thought that was Erica Pereira but maybe it was Sara Adams?  Who were the men besides Harrison Coll, Peter Walker and Schumacher?  I saw Jansen in the background but he's in a different cast. Also in the studio from the other cast, Paszcoguin, Kretzschmar, and Reichlen.

  3. 20 hours ago, BalanchineFan said:


    Miriam Miller reminded me of a baby swan in Agon (not incredibly commanding as nanran3 said), but she held the pencheé (when the man falls to his back) so long it showed real guts and determination. I'm interested to see  how she develops. 

    I love that penchee.  Okay, I'll keep my eye out for her... :)

  4. 1 hour ago, BalanchineFan said:

    Miriam Miller has danced the lead in Agon numerous times. She danced it last performance of the spring 2018 season. That and Titania put her on the map as an apprentice, I believe. (Or maybe it was only Titania that she danced as an apprentice).  What’s the head scratch?

    I like to see that role danced by someone really solid with a commanding presence.

  5. 11 hours ago, Kaysta said:

    That trailer is adorable!


    I have tickets for both Balanchine programs on the 26th.  It’ll be my first time back in NYC since I moved to Baltimore last year, so I’m looking forward to it.  The evening Balanchine/Stravinsky program will be my first time viewing all of those ballets.   Will be so nice to have my ballet-loving soul restored by a whole day of Balanchine.

    I can't wait for the season to begin.  I also have tix for the 26th, evening, plus the 24th, and that's just the first week!  It is soul restorative for sure!

  6. 21 minutes ago, California said:

    Speaking of...Amar Ramasar will be a guest with BalletNext in February


    I didn't see this.  He was one of my favorite dancers at NYCB and I was so sad to think that he would not be able to continue developing his amazing talent, at least somewhere.  Glad to see he has this opportunity, though compared to being in NYCB it's of course a step way down.  Not condoning what he did while at NYCB though.

  7. Agree with everyone else re: Stanley in Apollo.  He will be mesmerizing.

    Also glad to see Pazcoguin getting a role in Agon, but Miriam Miller in the principal part?  (Head scratch here). 

    Also notice they're casting LeCrone more than Peter had done in the last few years.  

    All in all really looking forward to getting back into the theater!!

  8. I guess I have been relying on John Clifford's statement that the board had narrowed it down to two women, both of whom had been great ballerinas, but neither of whom had worked with Balanchine.  Of course Clifford might be wrong.  In which case Lourdes Lopez is an obvious possibility, with her vast experience in running dance organizations, Balanchine trust, and also having worked with Balanchine.  But if Clifford's info is correct, then ... what ballerina has that level of experience?  None that I know of.  Jenifer Ringer runs a school, Ashley Bouder has a pick up company that performs once a year or so, Wendy Whelan did Restless Creature.  Really no one has the AD role experience.  But did Peter Martins ever run a company before NYCB?  Not that I know of.  He learned on the job, watching Balanchine all those years.  Maybe they will pick a bright, ambitious, competent and engaging person who doesn't necessarily have the experience, but who can learn as she goes, as did Martins.

  9. 34 minutes ago, angelica said:

    Oh, please don't retire Maria just yet. She is my favorite dancer at NYCB, and I'm not ready to let those gorgeous legs and extensions out of my life just yet. Her turns seemed fine this season. And she leapt up onto Tyler Angle's shoulders in the blink of an eye--it was amazing to watch.

    Haha!  Aw, no worries, she can stay!  :)  She is very lovely, no doubt.

  10. 21 hours ago, balanchinette said:

    Maria is still the best SPF in my book -

    Glad to hear she was in good form.  I have seen some performances lately where I felt maybe her time has come to move on.  An elegant lovely dancer, I wonder if she is being considered for the AD position, or for a ballet master role...

  11. I'm wondering about who it might be.  Clifford hinted that the board was looking at two women who were great ballerinas, but not during Balanchine's time.  Someone here mentioned Maria Kowroski.  Also, Jenifer Ringer?  Of course Wendy Whelan is a contender.  Anyone else?

    Also, can we be sure that Clifford really does have an inside scoop about the Board?  Or is that posturing?

  12. Hi there,

    I'm a former dancer and a huge fan of ballet, especially NYCB.  Danced in Ballet Met of Ohio as a late teenager, studied with Erick Hawkins for years, and then presented my own choreography in the downtown NYC dance scene.  This was all back in the 70's and 80's!  Now I attend ballet performances and some modern.  Attend many NYCB shows throughout the year.  Looking forward to reading everyone's ideas and comments.  Onward!

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