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  1. 9 minutes ago, Mousie29 said:

    Casting for the first week of New York City Ballet's Swan Lake is posted for all (major) roles in the area where you purchase tickets on their website.  The principal roles are also listed on the casting download.

    I did not see any "Pas De Quatre" listing, only the "Pas De Trois" as well as many other lead roles.   I am thrilled to be attending on Friday, February 21st with my husband as part of our

    20th anniversary outings.  Lauren Lovette and Harrison Ball will be the leads.  Someone tell me this will be wonderful with them!  I have seen all the other Principal ballerinas in two Balanchine

    programs in fall of 2018 and love them all.  Oh!  We have the choice of seeing Megan Fairchild on Thursday, February 20th instead, but I chose to see the Friday evening with Lauren Lovette.  We are 4th row, almost center.

    Great choice.  I would love to see Lovette's interpretation.

  2. On 4/24/2019 at 3:33 PM, mille-feuille said:

    I've found most Peck that I've seen agreeable but bland, so I was pretty blown away by last night's Rodeo: Four Dance Episodes. My favorite Peck works have been Rodeo and Pulcinella Variations; on the other hand, I've found most of his collaborations with Sufjan Stevens forgettable. His only ballet to electronic music that I like is The Times Are Racing. I'd love it if he stuck to orchestral music...!

    Those are my two favorites of Peck too.  And I also loved Belles Lettres.  

  3. On 4/23/2019 at 3:39 PM, rg said:

    the following from NYCB's press dept:

    <<due to injury, Tiler Peck and Abi Stafford will be both be replaced in their performances this week. (We’re not sure beyond this week.)  Tonight, in Pictures at an Exhibition, Lauren King will make her debut (originally scheduled for Thursday, and replacing Stafford) and Indiana Woodward will replace Tiler Peck. In Oltremare, Brittany Pollack will debut, replacing Tiler Peck.>>

    I saw the show.  Lauren King did a great job in Stafford's part, and Woodward also, though no one can match Tiler Peck in that role, in my view.  She is a phenomenon.

  4. On 4/19/2019 at 3:25 PM, Leah said:

    I second the ???. This is a guy who shared nude photos of a company member with other company members. The only reason he is not in the same boat as Finlay is that his particular much younger girlfriend whose photos were shared is for whatever reason defending him. Of course coworkers are going to be uncomfortable around him! And to say that they should just “state their case” is unhelpful.

    I agree with both of these statements.  I'm glad as an audience member that I'll be able to see Ramasar dance again, but what he did is classic Frat Boy mentality, and he is a man in his 30's.  Not okay.  

  5. On 4/15/2019 at 3:34 PM, balletforme said:

    wow! that's great!  What rank? 

    I was thinking the same thing.  What rank will they give her?  She got to soloist at NYCB...

    There is nothing yet on the MCB website, so we'll just have to wait...

  6. 59 minutes ago, Helene said:

    A source was cited in the Kathryn Morgan thread: a live talk from YAGP:

    I don't see it on the MCB press page (yet).


    I checked the MCB website as well and noticed that they still show Jovani Furlon on their roster when it has already been announced that he will join NYCB this year.  So maybe they are waiting to update that info on their site.  Also, it will be interesting to see what rank they give her.  She got to soloist at NYCB...

  7. Apparently, the press release has just gone out that Kathryn Morgan is joining Miami City Ballet.  Good for her!  Having to leave NYCB after coming down with an auto-immune illness, and thinking she might never dance again has to have been so tough.  I wish her the best in that fabulous company.  It was announced on a FB live broadcast from YAGP.

  8. Thanks for posting this.  I've put it on my calendar.  it looks like NYCB has been using Silas Farley for these types of public lecture/demo events.  He does a great job and is very well spoken.  Good for him!

  9. I am thrilled by this decision.  It seems a very nice marriage of the managing expertise of Stafford and artistic and dancer knowability of Whelan.  Sorry for the strange wording, but I think they have good interlocking talents and I'm all for this.  Whelan is, I believe, very committed to the Balanchine rep as she danced in many of those ballets, especially the leotard ones, and loved them. 

    I imagine they would confer about promotions and hiring, but I did interpret the wording from Schraft to mean that they felt they needed someone who got the final say and that would be Stafford.  Something I also commend about this choice is that both of these people seem to me to be kind, understanding and generous persons who can keep the company fully professional while also creating an atmosphere free of fear and intimidation.  Very curious to see what unfolds over these next few years.

    I did love Runaway by Abraham in terms of the inventiveness and creative challenge for the dancers as well as for Taylor Stanley's extraordinary solo, however I found the rap jarring, words that seemed not to fit in that theater, sentiments that were harsh and, I guess, not my thing.  I don't look forward to more rap music talking about killing people and oneself.  That's just me.

  10. The idea of Martins changing casting at the last minute, and presumptively walking backstage before the dancers had finished their show is utterly confounding to me.  It seems to be a power play, and one that must be responded to immediately, as Stafford hinted they would do.  He needs to get out of there and let this company recover and heal and move on. 

    It is unfortunate that their blockbuster audience hits are choreographed by Martins.  It is hugely expensive to make a new production, with all new costumes and sets etc.  But do they have a choice in the long run? 

    I was also dismayed to read of the loyalty to Peter in the board member quoted, and presumably other board members that he must have groomed and seduced during the years of his tenure.  How are those people, who may or may not know anything about arts admin or personnel issues, etc, how are they to come to agreement on a new leader if they are still loyal to Peter?  It sounds like a mess.  We need a good spring cleaning over at that board for starters, and a new AD, and Peter gone for good.

  11. I have a $35 orchestra seat for this Wednesday, February 6.  I cannot go.  Does anyone want to buy this ticket from me?  $39 with facility fee.

    In Vento, After the Rain pas, Variations pour une porte et un soupir, Duo concertant, The times are racing


  12. Just came home from the Sat evening performance.  Gonzalo Garcia was beautiful tonight in Apollo.  He is physically stunning and moves with assurance and feeling.  Of his muses my favorite was Lauren Lovette for her gracious, spiritual quality, though both Sterling and Abi Stafford did quite well too.  Seems that Stafford has gotten cast more since her brother took over.  When Peter was at the helm in the last few years I seldom saw her onstage.  Anyway, it was expertly danced by all and the music is so gorgeous.  

    Orpheus was good tonight and I was especially surprised by how well Ask La Cour did.  This is the best thing I've seen him in; he articulated the movement very well, and really played the blind part convincingly.  Perhaps he's found a niche here?  Reichlen was his Eurydice and she was statuesque and lovely.

    Agon was great.  I was astounded and impressed by Miriam Miller.  I had found her rather bland in the past, but she was crisp, articulate, musical and focused tonight.  Expertly partnered by Russell Janzen.  Gerrity did well in her trio with the two men, but I would say Miller was the stand out.  Rest of the cast was okay.

    All in all the night was fabulous.  Orchestra sounded great, and I felt very uplifted and hopeful as the company seems to be thriving right now.  Has everyone been able to breath easier since Peter's departure?  Who knows?  As my husband said, it's a well oiled machine.  True.  And its future looks bright from where I'm sitting.

  13. 4 minutes ago, cobweb said:

    It seems like we're discussing the whole season now, not just opening night, so I'm reviving this thread. Re abatt's question on the other thread - it's great to see Isabella LaFreniere and Emily Kikta back in action, and I'm pretty sure I saw Alston Macgill in the background in Orpheus on opening night. 

    The Serenade, Mozartiana, and Tschai Piano Concerto No. 2 (why can't we go with the shorter, more felicitous "Ballet Imperial"?) program is a crowd pleaser. I plan to be at probably every performance of this program, mainly because I don't want to miss any opportunity to see the last listed, which I have seen far less than the others. I thought all received lovely performances last night.

    It felt like it's been ages since I've seen Serenade; that's probably not true, but it's just so beautiful I felt a rush of joy. Only issue I saw was that Aaron Sanz (I think a debut, subbing for the debut of Preston Chamblee) needs to develop more confidence being center stage. Up there all alone, partnering three grand ballerinas and a slew of other women flying through, he didn't convey serenity and command. Hard to believe, but it made me miss Ask LaCour, at least I have confidence in him to get through complex partnering. Sanz has the talent, IMHO, and the magnetism, but needs more confidence when he's out there all alone.  

    Mozartiana was particularly beautiful, especially the commanding presence and clear phrasing of Maria Kowroski. I found it extremely moving. I also liked Daniel Ulbricht way more than I usually do, and I've seen him in this role a lot. He's always amazing technically, but this time he seemed more flexible, more human, more interesting and nuanced than usual. I am eager to see him again later in the week. I also can't wait to see Huxley in this role. 

    Finally, Ballet Imperial. I'm much less familiar with this piece, but I absolutely loved it, and it puts me in the mind of other pieces I've seen only too rarely, such as Ballo della Regina and Divertimento No. 15. When are they coming back?? Joseph Gordon looked great, appealing, elegant, crisp yet oh so airy. The partnering was unfortunately awkward at times, but he keeps on going with an air of command and serenity, and honestly, something intangible about him just makes me love him. 

    I have tonight off, then on to a marathon of performances. Can't wait!

    I absolutely loved "Ballet Imperial" too!  I had never seen it and was captivated.  And Serenade, for me, often moves into the realm of the mystical.  

  14. 20 minutes ago, abatt said:

    Isabella LaFreniere (spelling?) has returned from injury.  She danced last night.  Does anyone know what happened to Alston Macgill?  Still injured?

    Added: Macgill's instagram indicates she is returning for the winter season.  Good for her!


    I saw Alston performing this season already.  I went to opening night and last night.  Can't remember which I saw her in, but she was there...

  15. 5 hours ago, cobweb said:

    I was very eager to see Taylor Stanley's Apollo, but I was a little underwhelmed. The whole thing seemed kind of low-energy to me, lacking in sharpness and purpose. Stanley didn't exude the magnetism and clarity of shape that I've come to expect from him. I imagine he'll get more sharpness and depth with time. I found Brittany Pollack a little bland, Woodward didn't have as much sparkle as usual, and even Tiler Peck not quite as engaged as usual (of course, for her, she still looks great). Orpheus - a piece relatively unfamiliar to me, and I found it hard to get into overall. Agon - Kowroski and her legs, like lasers reaching to the vast universe and beyond, was incredible. I still found Tyler Angle a little too soft in this piece, and boy does it make me miss Amar Ramasar. 

    Ramasar was fabulous in Agon and is greatly missed, I agree.  Also I agree with your other assessments and imagine that Stanley was nervous and being perhaps more careful than he will be later on when he has more experience in the role.  I am bewildered that the Angle brothers are still performing with the company.  I saw Jared doing Serenade tonight and Tyler doing Mozartiana.  I understand loyalty to long time company members, and I get it that they are good partners, but they are no longer appealing physically.  When Joseph Gordon came onstage tonight to dance Tchai Piano Concerto #2, we finally saw an elegant, fit and handsome young man with clean and athletic technique.  That's what this company needs in its male dancers.  Do they need to go across the pond to Denmark to find another gorgeous Dane like Ib Anderson?  :) 

  16. Taylor Stanley was beautiful, sensual, and expressive in his debut tonight in Apollo.  Muses were Tiler Peck, gorgeous as always, and Brittany Pollack and Indiana Woodward. Hurray for this historic moment:  first man of color to be cast as Apollo in a normally programmed NYCB performance.

    Orpheus was beautiful, the set design is stunning and costumes good too.  I like Gonzalo Garcia and also I always enjoy Sterling Hyltin.  Peter Walker was very good tonight as well.

    Agon, Megan Le Crone looked very good, so glad there is more life in her after so many injuries.  Maria Kowroski was magnificent in the pas de deux.  Lately I had been wondering if she was ready to retire, but tonight's performance showed only mastery.

    All in all a really good beginning to the season.  Fourth ring almost empty, oh well.



  17. Agreed that in the male soloist ranks there are definite potential stars, as well as Mejia in the corps.  Let's see what happens.  Also agree that while Segin is an appealing and perhaps dependable corps member, not sure why she would get an award particularly.  I had thought she would probably stay in the corps for her career but who knows?

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