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  1. Khoretskaya

    Maria Alexandrova

    Alexandrova is dancing in this gala in Rome tonight and tomorrow with Lantratov. She says on Instagram that they're doing the Fonteyn/Nureyev PdD from Nureyev, and Pharoah's Daughter. https://www.auditorium.com/evento/les_etoiles-19178.html
  2. Khoretskaya

    Sergei Polunin

    I assume you mean Ukrainian - he's from Kherson. From his name, and given his political opinions, I would think it likely that he's one of the many 'ethnically Russian' Ukrainians.
  3. Khoretskaya

    Maria Alexandrova

    Masha is back in Perm in February for a production of Cinderella by Alexey Miroshnichenko which premiered a couple of years ago. Looks to be set in the Soviet era, with the characters given different names...I know nothing about it! Maybe someone else does?! No Lantratov with her this time; she's partnered by Pavel Savin https://permopera.ru/playbills/playbill/84153/
  4. Khoretskaya

    Maria Alexandrova

    So, on December 14th the lucky people of Perm get to see a new production of Bayadere with Alexandrova as Gamzatti facing off against Osipova as Nikiya! That is going to be some confrontation scene!! Lantratov is Solor. Then on 16th Alexandrova plays Nikiya, with Lantratov again as Solor, and Perm principal Albina Rangulova as Gamzatti. Hoping some rehearsal videos might find their way onto Instagram.... Full information here: https://permopera.ru/playbills/playbill/82994/
  5. Khoretskaya

    Great character dancers

    As a frequent Royal Ballet watcher, Gary Avis. He is the most wonderful Drosselmeyer to the extent that many people choose which nights to attend based on when he's on stage, rather than who the 'dancing' leads are. He makes even the most 'boring' character parts interesting; for example, I saw him as the Rajah in Bayadere the other night and one actually noticed him, as a real character with subtle emotions! He's a great Rothbart too, and Liam Scarlett's new Swan Lake really gives him something to get his teeth into. Widow Simone, Ugly Sisters, GM and the Gaolor in Manon, the Duchess in Wheeldon's Alice, Gremin....always the gold standard for me, in British terms anyway. He's also been an incredibly powerful Tybalt and an excellent Madge (in Kobborg's production for the RB, sadly never revived after he and Cojocaru left). He draws the eye in everything, and makes you notice things you haven't before. Also in the Royal, Bennet Gartside, Tom Whitehead and Kristen McNally are excellent. And elsewhere, Sorella Englund....legend
  6. Khoretskaya

    Maria Alexandrova

    This thread has been quiet for a long time so I thought maybe I'd post some things Maria has been up to this week! She's periodically been appearing in a mime drama (or a 'drama without words' as it's described), called 'Caligula', playing Caligula's wife Caesonia, at the Moscow Provincial (Gubernskiy) Theatre. It seems like it's a mixture of theatre/mime and dance. More information and photos here: http://m-g-t.ru/performance/kaligula, and at the bottom some videos...Masha does fierce and strong women pretty well, as we know! They took it to St. Petersburg on Monday, pictures and a couple of videos on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aleksandrova_maria_bt/tagged/. At the weekend she was in Lisbon at the Mirpuri Foundation Gala, where she did the Don Q PdD with (I think) Lobukhin. Again, pictures on Instagram. Not sure what she's up to next.....
  7. Khoretskaya

    Maria Khoreva

    Are you implying that Khoreva's social media presence has been 'manufactured' by someone other than her, or have I misread you? Many people her age are inseparable from their Instagram accounts....maybe she just enjoys it, and if she enjoys the attention then one can hardly blame her (though I totally share the concern that it might all be too much exposure too early).
  8. Khoretskaya

    Maria Khoreva

    ...and she's hugely excited to be in New York; take a look at her Instagram story! https://www.instagram.com/marachok/?hl=en
  9. Khoretskaya

    Maria Khoreva

    I must admit I haven't heard anything else about her being a soloist, but labels are probably largely irrelevant for the moment as she's had one of the highest profile starts to a career I've heard of in a long time! Her first role was Terpsichore in Apollo (with Parish, and the other star new company members Ionova and Nuykina), which she's done a few times and is currently in NYC dancing at the Balanchine gala at the City Center, and she's already done Paquita!! At this rate she'll be Medora for you, nevermind an Odalisque! I've only seen her on video but I do have to say she looks like the hype is justified. She's got something very special imho.
  10. Khoretskaya

    Nina Kaptsova

    Sorry, here's the interview: http://www.vaganovatoday.com/vladislav-lantratov-and-maria-alexandrova-bolshoi-power-couple This bit: What's the hardest part of work here? Maria: People. The administration and the director. Vladislav: I agree, I have nothing to add. I will amend above.
  11. Khoretskaya

    Nina Kaptsova

    Hello, I know very little about Kaptsova's case, but Alexandrova resigned of her own volition, no? As I understood it, she told the management she was leaving and reports were that Urin tried to make her change her mind, whereupon they came to an agreement that she would still dance for them 'under contract' so that she had more freedom to do her own thing. The initial split followed by compromise is backed up by the timing and content of her Instagram posts about the whole thing. (certainly she's cited 'the administration and the director' as the hardest thing about working at the Bolshoi (and Vlad agreed!): http://www.vaganovatoday.com/vladislav-lantratov-and-maria-alexandrova-bolshoi-power-couple). I'm sure there are many sides to all this; none of us know the full truth! It's pretty clear the Bolshoi is not the easiest place to work, and is full of strong characters, Alexandrova being one of the strongest. She's been pretty busy since, dancing in a lot of galas with Lantratov obviously, but also Sleeping Beauty with ENB, a duo show with Blanca Li, guest principal appearances in Perm, Rostov, Ekaterinburg and Tbilisi, in China with the Kharkhiv company, some kind of mime drama called Caligula, and four Swan Lakes in about five days in Athens with a young company under Grigorovich. She's also appeared at the Bolshoi in Nureyev, Spartacus and Don Q (and possibly some other things I've forgotten about!). From interviews she seems really happy. Sorry if this is a little off topic in a Kaptsova thread; I love what I've seen of her dancing and hope I may get to see more.....
  12. Khoretskaya

    Hi, I'm new!

    Hello everyone, I'm new here. I've been reading the forum quite a lot recently, and keep coming across things I want to reply to, so it seemed only sensible to get an account so I can do so! I live in London and watch the Royal Ballet a lot, and English National Ballet a little, plus the big touring companies as and when. I dance a bit, but have never trained seriously. I'm trying to go to class regularly now and actually try and improve! I'm a little bit of a geek about Bournonville and follow the Royal Danish Ballet quite closely. I appreciate all styles though, and love Balanchine/NYCB and the Bolshoi also. Maria Alexandrova is my role model both in dance (if only!) and in attitude