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  1. I have one orchestra ticket for Jul.5 (Fri.) performance of The Royal Ballet's LA tour - Mayerling. It was bought at ($125+11) on the first day of general public sale. I ask $100 for this. We can transfer through ebay. It is electronic ticket which will be sent immediately after purchase. PM me if you are interested. July 5 Cast Ryoichi Hirano, Natalia Osipova, Sarah Lamb, Kristen McNally, Francesca Hayward, Marianela Nuñez, Alexander Campbell, Christopher Saunders, Gary Avis Event: Mayerling Event date/time: Friday, July 5, 2019 7:30 PM Dorothy Chandler Pavilion A (Premier Orchestra): J10 1 Standard @ $125.00 each $125.00
  2. Cast for The Royal Ballet's Mayerling: https://www.musiccenter.org/tickets/events-by-the-music-center/Glorya-Kaufman-Dance/1819-season/royal-ballet/ July 5 Cast Ryoichi Hirano, Natalia Osipova, Sarah Lamb, Kristen McNally, Francesca Hayward, Marianela Nuñez, Alexander Campbell, Christopher Saunders, Gary Avis July 6 Cast Matthew Ball, Sarah Lamb, Laura Morera, Itziar Mendizabal, Meaghan Grace Hinkis, Mayara Magri, James Hay, Gary Avis, Nehemiah Kish July 7 Cast Thiago Soares, Lauren Cuthbertson, Itziar Mendizabal, Lara Turk, Anna Rose O’Sullivan, Claire Calvert, Paul Kay, Alastair Marriott, Gary Avis
  3. Superb program for classical ballet. And I love the change from Nutcracker to Coppelia for Christmas.
  4. MARIINSKY BALLET George Balanchine's Jewels The Music Center's Dorothy Chandler Pavilion October 24-27 https://www.musiccenter.org/mariinsky
  5. Thank you so much for the recommendation, @NinaFan Joyce Theater has such a brilliant program including the Australian Ballet, Maria Kochetkova Gala, Ballet Festival curated by Kevin O’Hare featuring Lauren Cuthbertson and Edward Watson. https://joyce.org/performances As a non-New Yorker, I had not even heard about it.
  6. Wonderful class. The POB dancers are all so elegant and beautiful. Could any POB fan help me recognize these two dances with blue mark? I attached timeline to the girl since she is dressed quite normally. Thanks a lot.
  7. It might be two productions existing at the same time, like Ratmansky’s and Grigorovich’s Romeo and Juliet. I was very disappointed at Ratmansky’s R& J. Terrible waste of dramtic power in Prokofiev’s music. So I have some doubt on his Giselle.
  8. Can anyone be so kind to share the full cast with minor roles? Thx.
  9. https://conversationsondancepod.com/2019/03/01/nycb-directorship-announcement/ Conversations on Dance talked about this news for half an hour. But without much insight.
  10. Thank you so much, Kathleen. It's clear enough. I hear that many ballet fans like sitting on the higher tiers to get the big picture of the choreography. I will try that on single tickets.
  11. Thank you for the reply. In fact, I have ordered a new subscription of Orchestra C. The previous info scared the hell out of me. I also found a picture of Row U. It seems tolerable. https://aviewfrommyseat.com/photo/68960/David+H.+Koch+Theater/section-Orchestra/row-U/seat-115/
  12. Do you mean Orchestra C, Row R? Seems I really need some advice on seating of David Koch Theater. I have never been there before...
  13. In fact, I called. I didn't ask about Orchestra A since I cannot afford those. Orchestra B is the mid-back area till Row Q and orchestra sides from No.5. Orchestra C is Row R on two sides and Row S-U all. Orchestra D is Row J-O sides from about No.20. https://davidhkochtheater.com/DHKT/media/DHKT/FPO/DHKT-FullChart.pdf
  14. Thanks for the reply. That's exactly what I searched. The picture I attached is one of the results with 5 divisions. But NYCB only provide 4 divisions in the subscription. Since I am considering Orchestra C, I am not sure where this category is located.
  15. Kind of want to order the subscription for weekend trips. Does anyone have the seating plan with division of Orchestra A-D? Thx. I found only a map with 5 divisions.
  16. $100 for best orchestra seat for Friday evening performance. (Sad that I cannot go there one day earlier.)
  17. As I heard Lee Soo-bin (winner of Vaganova Prix and silver of moscow ballet competition) joined the company recently, I really want to watch her performance in Giselle. I asked about the casting 5 minutes ago, then I found it for recent Coppelia: https://www.bostonballet.org/Home/The-Company/Dancers/2018-2019-Season-Casting/coppelia-Casting Other repertoire's casting can also be found by changing the link title.
  18. I wonder if Renata Shakirova will eventually perform Gulnara as she was injured in January and has not performed since then.
  19. Flamboyant but boring production. I am a bit disappointed:(
  20. I have one orchestra ticket for Apr. 12 performance of Mariinsky Ballet's DC tour - Le Corsaire. It was bought on the first day of general public sale. I ask $100 for this. We can transfer through ebay. It is electronic ticket. So I can send you immediately. PM me if you are interested. Mariinsky Ballet Opera House Fri, Apr 12, 2019, 7:30 PM Medora: Maria Khoreva (replaces Viktoria Tereshkina)Conrad: Konsantin ZverevGulnara: Renata ShakirovaAli: Kimin KimLankedem: Alexei Timofeyev Seats Qty. Price Total Orchestra Price Zone B: T-124 1 $129.00 $129.00 Order Total $129.00 Ticket Service Charge $18.06 Grand Total $147.06 Amount Charged To Credit Card $147.06
  21. I cannot believe that ROH set the same price for The Bright Stream as for the other three traditional repertoire. Two nights on workdays. Who's gonna pay for that?
  22. Mayerling is too challenging for the male dancer’s stamina. So there will definitely be three casts.
  23. Thank you for the information. I guess the festival will be March 21-31. The only ballet performance in this week is Jewels which is marked “No Tickets” now. Looking forward to what Mariinsky will present in this festival and who the guests will be.
  24. The real broadcast on January 20th will feature Olga Smirnova and Artemy Belyakov according to Smirnova’s official website: https://www.olgasmirnovaballet.com/
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