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  1. An absolute privilege indeed. Have had my old records on repeat this morning. RIP.
  2. Good find, kylara7. Unless one is specifically looking for these it seems like they would largely go unnoticed. They are dated recently, too. Is anyone else having trouble clicking on the part where it references the company policy on hiring family members? It may be my home computer that is unable to click properly.
  3. Happy to hear, seattle_dancer. Thanks! I am jealous of all the great dance you must be able to see at PNBallet. As a {proud} suburbanite I am unsure of how much I will actually see of the National. And besides, aside from the Forsythe program there isn't much that appeals here anymore, unfortunately. Our city is energized at the moment with the Fall for Dance program- lots of wonderful dance to see.... and for such a steal at fifteen bucks.
  4. Thank you for this lovely community. I look forward to reading and discussing :)
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