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  1. Yes, I think I will and may have another opportunity when they're in D.C. I was sitting in the third ring which provides a wonderful perspective, viewpoint which allowed me to see that the corps was not quite cleanly executing the patterns. Thanks all for your response - at this point I think I'll chalk up my experience as it being an off-night and hope to see the ballet again sometime
  2. I think my overall experience was marred by the fact that the corp dancing was not IMHO up to par, and I'm referring to both technically and their attention to formations.
  3. I had the fortune of being in New York to see two of NYCB's programs and I wrote reviews on both of them - Jewels and All Balanchine. I would love to hear your opinions, especially about Symphony in C because it's a ballet that I wanted to like but just didn't. Do I give it another chance?
  4. Thanks so much, Kathleen, for taking the time to have a look and appreciating the effort! It's definitely a labor of love with the hopes of facilitating more people finding live performances to attend.
  5. I feel so fortunate to have been able to see the ballet in its entirety. Aside from limited engagements, I feel that many companies often only perform one of the sections at any given time. I will think of you when the time (hopefully) comes to post a listing of PNB doing "Jewels"!
  6. Yay - how opportune! Did you have a chance to read my review? Would love your feedback. I'm going to see the All Balanchine program tomorrow - can't wait!
  7. Unfortunately, I am only a NY for a visit so won't be able to attend these events. Thanks for sharing, though!
  8. I'm looking forward to seeing the exhibit at the NYPL tomorrow! I imagine it will be packed opening day but seems a good prelude to NYCB's performance
  9. Thank you so much for accepting me into this community, Helene!
  10. Hello Everyone! I am former professional ballet dancer, ABT National Training Curriculum Affiliate Teacher, and recently-established ballet magazine editor! I have just created a website called The Traveling Ballerina as a resource dedicated solely to all of us ballet lovers out there. It includes a growing database of performances as well as a magazine containing relevant news and reviews. I'm also an avid traveler, who loves to attend performances whenever possible. Have you ever been planning travel or already in a place and wondered if there’s a ballet performance near you? You can search The Traveling Ballerina by location, company, or date to find the answer! Or...if there is a particular ballet or choreographer you want to see or a specific theater that you want to visit, you can filter results by those keywords as well. You can also leave ratings and reviews for any of the ballet performances listed. Perhaps you have seen that company or ballet before, or maybe you’re on the fence whether to go or not. I hope you all will have a look - thank you for your support!
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