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  1. I saw Napoli on Friday evening. The sets were from Oregon as were the costumes for the first and third acts. The second act costumes were from Denmark and they were spectacular. I think this type of work really suits the company. Jillian was radiant and the story was told very well. I thoroughly enjoyed Ricardo Santos in act 3. He was joyous and completely in command of his performance.
  2. Looking forward to seeing this on saturday night!
  3. I don't think so necessarily. If you listen to the interview with Juliet it is pretty clear that she wants to do more than be in a company. Gisele got married and maybe nyc wasn't the right location for her and her husband. They aren't in typical company situations for very different reasons.
  4. And to be honest, the have the orchrstra for three runs per year. A week in october, nutcracker(which they didnt once in the last 5 years and got it back), and a week in february.
  5. Did anyone else have a chance to see this production of Sleeping Beauty? I saw it on the second evening with Jillian Barrell as Aurora. She had an unfortunate slip after the rose adagio that I think only endeared her to the audience more. She was clearly off during the balances in the rose adagio but powered through the rest of the performance. I enjoyed the sets and costumes. The dancer performing the lilac fairy, who I think was Amber Lewis, did a great job of carrying the story throughout.
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