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  1. Yes, Helene--thank you for correcting the imprecisions in my last post. I did not mean to imply that there is no contract between NYCB and its dancers. What I hoped to convey was that the relevant features we usually think of as being important in an employment contract, such as pay and amount of work, etc., are determined by the agreement between the union and the company, not between the company and the employee. Given the strictures within the AGMA agreement, the only customization possible for the company is 1) whether to offer an employment contract and 2) what level (corps, soloist, prin
  2. The dancers at NYCB are all members of a union known as AGMA, which, confusingly, stands for the American Guild of Musical Artists. Here is a description from AGMA's website that talks a little bit about what they do: We are AGMA, the labor organization that represents the Artists who create America's operatic, choral and dance heritage... The core function of any labor union is to negotiate collective bargaining agreements that protect the union’s members and improve their working lives. Prior to AGMA’s existence, “work rules” consisted primarily of whatever the company managers decided
  3. I guess the "led by Jonathan Stafford" does make him first among equals. It makes sense--he's been a ballet master longer than any of the others have. JP wasn't going to get it, and heaven forbid they consider any of the remaining female ballet masters with more seniority than Jon.
  4. You are not wrong, but what I find interesting is that I only saw Jon's name under Kathy Brown's in that letter sent out to subscribers, etc. Unless the screenshots we saw cut off Justin, Becky and Craig's signatures underneath?
  5. Yes, I agree with you here as well. I just didn't want to insinuate anything sexual has been alleged of anyone at this point. What we might still discover could, unfortunately, prove you right.
  6. It's been a pretty busy year in DC. I think it would be fair of us to cut the Washington bureaus some slack for not picking up on this. Their plates are pretty full, and in the larger scheme of things, this was probably not that important at the time. [To substantiate my reference to DC using publicly available sources: City Ballet only tours two cities as a whole company in the states: Saratoga and DC. The tour information is regularly up on their website, and I think it's fairly general knowledge for longtime City Ballet watchers. In Saratoga, the dancers rent houses, which can be seen
  7. They used to be available as .pdfs on AGMA's website for every company whose dancers they represented. Unfortunately, if you go to AGMA's website now, there are instructions for how to access them by clicking a "plus sign icon" next to the company name, but none are listed, and no "plus sign icons" appear. It could be that the site is being updated or that there is some formatting error? If someone else can navigate this better than I can, perhaps he or she could find them: https://www.musicalartists.org/contracts-and-agreements/contracts/dance/ And my apologies again--you are correct tha
  8. Yes, but I believe what "exclusively" means in the context of the complaint is that the images and videos were only traded between these 9 men while the three men who worked at City Ballet were on the premises of their work place.
  9. Could one argue that NYCB creates a hazardous situation when it hosts open-bar parties with underage students and employees it suspects of substance abuse problems? And do you think my idea of duty to rescue comes from watching the finale of Seinfeld where they have the Good Samaritan law? And I hope Mr. Merson follows Ballet Alert if he needs help amending the complaint...
  10. Administrative code 10-177 against Chase, Zach, and Amar (page 30). Assault (page 21), battery (page 23), and invasion of privacy (page 36). Although if you mean separate criminal charges in a criminal suit, I would suggest waiting to hear what Cy Vance has to say next week.
  11. My apologies, Helene--I didn't understand that aspect of the site policy. I would happily upload City Ballet's dancer agreement and associated addenda so that perhaps some few braves souls might actually read them, but it's probably better I save us all the bandwidth it's a little far in the weeds from the main point anyway. Thank you for clearing it out. As regards the discussion of the code of conduct mentioned in Charles Scharf's statements though, my argument was that there isn't one he could point to to substantiate what he was saying. Do you think it would be possible for you to tu
  12. I believe if you were to ask his ex-fiancee, she might have an opinion on that matter for one.
  13. I see. Do you think it is possible to conceive of a duty one might have to all other people to report a crime if one were to believe the culprit might commit the same crime again, or even escalate? Or perhaps not escalate, but continue in doing other crimes? And if so, could that duty by the one NYCB owes to Alex? If a complaint is dismissed, can it be rewritten and brought back to the court? Where do I send my tuition check?
  14. Fair. Can I amend that sentence to read the following? If Alex's friends and family had a responsibility to her to protect her from Chase, shouldn't his employer, who had just as much, if not more information, share a similar responsibility? And could that responsibility have been acted upon by appropriately disciplining him when other instances of abuse and mistreatment arose? And if they did not do that, aren't they as blameworthy as Alex's friends and family?
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