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  1. You're right: it's not surprising, but what heartbreak for the dancers and audiences alike. I worry about layoffs in the company without that ticket revenue.
  2. I enjoyed most of these selections, and found they each left me interested to see the rest of the ballet... with one exception. If that was a well-chosen excerpt of Bartok Ballet, I am terribly glad they didn't show the rest. I am so thankful NYCB did this. What a gift.
  3. Donizetti Variations... incredible performance! I will watch this several times before it's gone, and I already know it won't be enough. Pure joy!
  4. This was my first time to see Janzen in anything, and I really enjoyed his performance. His jete manege, and turns in a la seconde were nice and clean, and I enjoyed his "princely" presence. I have a question for those of you with great historical knowledge about Balanchine's choreography (which seems to be a lot of you). About five years ago, I started noticing in video clips that NYCB ballerinas begin their chaine turns with the arms in 2nd and only pull them in to 1st position after the first few rotations. I think the first person I saw do this was Ashley Bouder in a video of her
  5. Yes, talk about night and day!
  6. That Roman Mejia is truly something! More, more, more of him please! Wouldn't it be exciting, and great for morale (for dancers and fans!) if some very long overdue promotions were announced at the end of this digital season? I don't know how realistic that would be, but man it would be fun.
  7. I wonder if last night's offering would have been better received if they hadn't called it a "gala?" I feel the program needed some other designation, as "gala" evokes a very specific promise of what's to be offered... and ABT did not deliver. I assumed I'd be tuning in to enjoy a curated program of actual dancing (much like NYCB's mixed-rep type offering that's currently available until Friday). I hoped for a collection of fabulous pas de deux, variations, and awe-inspiring corps moments from the last few seasons, with maybe a smattering of famous historical ABT performances from the past
  8. Certainly! I was a professional dancer, so I get that. It's more that I'm not a fan of the campy expressions seen here. If that was requested by the choreographer, it's unfortunate. Just my personal preference, and I realize many won't agree.
  9. I finally got around to watching Concerto DSCH today, and my review is simple: I loved it. It's one of only two pieces shared so far during this digital season that have prompted me to watch a second time. (The other was Allegro Brilliante). This style of choreography really floats my boat: the heavy base of classical ballet steps and sequences, with a sprinkling of pedestrian but still recognizable movement; the playful use of space and patterns that somehow still happen mostly within the confines of shapes I recognize (circles, triangles, lines, etc.); the dazzling but not stuffy bravura
  10. @Leah Thank you for posting that video! Man, I love Veyette in this role! I saw him with Hyltin several years ago (also fabulous), but I really like this pairing of Veyette and Bouder. Delightful.
  11. I have a special love for Apollo. It's easily in my top five favorite Balanchine ballets, and I was even cast in the role of Apollo's mother with a company which performed the birth scene. (Has NYCB performed that scene in recent history at all? I'm not sure.) Anyway, I thought this cast was truly lovely. The three muses complimented one another nicely, and I absolutely loved Taylor Stanley as Apollo. I love his movement quality and use of the space. I found him to be... not really commanding in the way that others cast in this role might be... but more dynamic somehow. I would love to
  12. Rotunda is the first full piece of Peck's work I've ever seen. Until now, I've only seen clips of his choreography on promotional material, etc. Very interesting/validating to see my own opinions mirrored here: chiefly the unflattering costume choices (particularly the leotard they put on Sara Mearns -- something was really "off" about the cut of it under the arms that was very unflattering), and the hectic pace of the piece. The best way I can describe my experience watching this ballet is that I felt the way I feel during a large/loud party or social gathering. As an extreme introvert, I
  13. This performance was just what I needed. Another poster mentioned feeling teary, and I had the same experience.
  14. Thank you for sharing. It appears from many of the NYCB dancers' Instagram pages that they've all begun receiving flooring sent to them by NYCB and Harlequin. Hopefully that will ease some of the "ouch factor" of all that dancing on hard wood, tile, carpet, or what-have-you.
  15. This is such a fabulous, creative, generous thing! I will say that, as a teacher in a neighborhood ballet school, most schools in our area are having their teachers film classes that they can email to their enrolled students. I'm preparing to do this myself! I know many of my students are taking advantage of the generosity of all the professional dancers posting class or barre on Instagram!
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