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  1. Thank you, a little belated!! I’m escorting DD and a friend from her ballet school to see Miami City Ballet, this Friday. We are very fortunate to have tickets to English National Ballet, for Giselle, which my DD can’t wait to see. We are also very excited to see Whipped Cream by ABT in April. Sorry for my late response. Just seeing this and I truly appreciate the welcome! I have been navigating the BTFD boards (DD just finished one ballet and is now six weeks away from finishing Nutcracker) and I am really just trying to keep up, and figure these boards out. I am afraid to post on them, because I honestly do not know very much and am here to learn from everyone. I am very excited to accompany my DD to some wonderful live performances in Chicago.
  2. My daughter is a pre-professional student who loves ballet, and I am trying to be as supportive of that as possible. Thank you for creating these forums. I just bought my first two dance subscriptions for myself and my DD, to two Chicago Theatres. We are truly looking forward to seeing 7 dance performances here in Chicago, over the next 9 months, mostly ballet but also contemporary. Balancing schedules for school and dance is much more challenging than I ever could have realized, but I am so thankful every time I see her perform. I also have DS who plays baseball almost as much as DD dances. Looking forward to reading and learning, and possibly getting some guidance if I need it.
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