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  1. Yay! I want to see the Vaganova grads in Apollo! Can't decide on what would be better for the rest of Nov 1 or 3 programs.
  2. I know I've seen videos of Boylston and Peck banging their shoes on stairs or the floor to make them less noisy during performances....maybe it's not as much of an issue abroad?
  3. One thing I noticed in rewatching some Bulanova clips is how awesome she is at turning. So floaty!
  4. Looks like Khoreva's star is continuing to rise. She, Ionova, and Nuikina recently performed the Odalisque variations for Le Corsaire. And it looks like casting lists have been updated for some of the fall programming. Khoreva is one of the prince's friends during Swan Lake. And then Surprise! She's going to be the title role in Paquita while Bulanova, Nuikina and Ionova will be doing variations.
  5. Just adding to my own note here that I actually started Adult Beginner Ballet this past weekend and I loved it. Lots to work on but I will enjoy the opportunity to do this and gain real health benefits (better posture, core strength, etc). Also! I had no idea Sarah Lane is from the Rochester area. I saw on her instagram recently that she was in town at her old studio and also, of course, went to WEGMANS.
  6. I'd think this would be the perfect time to do maybe grab Polunin, even for just a bit while they figure out a more long term solution. Not for nothing but he'd at least bring star power and intrigue. I think if it's set for a period of a year or less, that's just about the right time where he might not get restless. Also, hasn't Osipova tamed him?
  7. I read that too but it sounds like Parish took it in stride and used it as room to grow. There's another picture of that pose out there during the performance and it actually looks as Macaulay suggests. (https://www.instagram.com/p/Blh31--A2na/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link)
  8. Do you think he'll be performing here with the three Vaganova grads? I'd go to that.
  9. My name is Erika and I'm a ballet fan from Rochester, NY. Kinda late to the fandom game but I hope to get out to shows eventually in NYC and even here in Rochester, which does have a ballet company. Storytime: When I was younger, my cousin and I used to dance around the backyard of the apartment where we lived, mostly pretending to be gymnasts. But one of the local ballet mistresses stopped us and said we should sign up for ballet lessons. Unfortunately, my family was in no position to pay for lessons like that (and we weren't in the know about how to get financial help for that, so I never did. Long story short, I've always been a fan on the periphery and always wondered what could have been.
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