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  1. I was lucky enough to see the Lane/Cornejo pairing tonight - they were beautiful! It's so nice to see dancers who have actual chemistry. Hoven and Trenary were delightful.
  2. Does she actually sell a lot of tickets? The few times I've seen her, the audience has been relatively sparse. I know her fans are *loud*, for sure! I sat next to one teenager who just screamed her head off every time she did a pirouette. I'm not begrudging her a devoted fan base, it just galls me to see her given roles she can't technically do.
  3. I was lucky enough to see this last night! Simkin was breathtaking, and Lane and Brandt were just lovely. I want to see these two dance Swan Lake - I don't understand why Copeland, who can't do the steps, is given TWO Swan Lakes!! (Sorry, that's a bit off-topic, but when you see two beautiful dancers, it's easy to get indignant on their behalf.)
  4. I really, really hope Cornejo is able to dance next week. I shelled out for a premium orchestra seat just to see him and Lane together!
  5. I was at today's matinee - while I normally don't care for Boylston, I thought she was excellent in this! I bought my ticket to see Thomas Forster in a leading role, and he didn't disappoint. Trenary was so funny as Mrs. Fairfax! I wasn't expecting that at all. The people sitting around me kept grumbling about the lack of dancing, and some left at intermission. But I loved the book as a teenager, and enjoyed watching this adaptation. It's definitely worth a look.
  6. To the person who was asking about TDF seats - last season I had decent luck with TDF (Orch row N, P, etc), but this season I'm striking out with the far back orchestra - last night I was row CC, and it was hard to see the stage. I'm going to try rushing and see if I have better luck! And I went ahead and shelled out for tickets to the Lane/Cornejo Manon and Corsaire. I don't want to risk having crappy seats for those!
  7. I agree about Hoven, and I'd add Forster, as well.
  8. NinaFan, I don't care for Whiteside or Boylston, which is putting it mildly. But they were paired with dancers I did like all season, so I saw a LOT of them. I felt like this season was pairing the best with the worst, over and over again. I feel like great and potentially great dancers keep getting passed over in favor of lesser talents. When I saw Lane with Cornejo in La Bayadere, that was *magic*, even with a slightly wonky scarf dance. Even though Whipped Cream isn't a ballet for the ages, probably, last night was also magic. There was way too little magic this season. But at least I got to see some great performances this year. I agree with you - I wish the season were longer.
  9. I'd like to see his Albrecht, I think that's a better opportunity to shine.
  10. Yes! Forster actually reacts to what's going on around him - what a concept!! Acting!! He desperately needs a chance at a full length, as does Hoven.
  11. I was there tonight (Monday, July 2). It was a wonderful cast! Stella, Sarah, Simkin, Forster. Plus Hoven dancing his heart out in that big white sugar costume. This was the first (ABT) ballet I've seen all season where none of the cast members set my teeth on edge. It was such a relief and a pleasure.
  12. I saw Whiteside as everything BUT Harlequin, aside from the little promotional film ABT did. I wish I could have seen it. I think that comedic role might be a better fit for him.
  13. I've heard of Stearns giving good performances (acting-wise), so he may just need an acting coach to help him do it consistently. It doesn't help that he has small facial features, and is dancing in a huge house. I don't dislike Stearns, I'm just indifferent. Whiteside, I just find intolerable. He's either blank/smirking/melodramatically running around with his mouth open. He's an OK dancer, it'd be fine if he were a principal in a regional company, but so many performances at ABT?? Dear God. He's the charisma-free male equivalent of Boylston. I don't want to watch either of them, but they keep getting teamed up with dancers I DO want to see.
  14. Forster is great. I cannot for the life of me understand Whiteside and Stearns as principals, but not Forster. Stearns is a non-entity onstage, and Whiteside is actively terrible.
  15. I'd give anything to see Lane!! Instead, I'm stuck at work. It kills me that lesser talents like Boylston and Copeland got double shows throughout the season, and Lane got shoved into matinees, if she got anything at all.
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