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  1. I just looked as well now that there are suddenly tickets available. Those prices are steep! As much as I’d like to see Cornejo, I am so glad I was there last night to see the fantastic performances by Lane, Simkin, and Hurlin.
  2. Newish poster here. I also attended Thursday night’s performance. My sense was that Lane was fine, even despite the turns, but because the tempo was slow it lacked the thrilling energy you want to see, as others have said. And Gorak was so sadly disappointing. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing at the end when the final lift fell short. I also felt that their interpretation of the pas de deux was odd. Their movements seemed very punctuated and thus at odds with the music. It really missed the mark for me in terms of lyricism and lushness, despite moments of beauty. And there seemed to be pa
  3. Glad you enjoyed my reviews. I wish Christine Shevchenko had performed, though, as I would like to see her O/O too. I hope ABT starts coming to Wolf Trap regularly each summer. Swan Lake and Romeo and Juliet (a couple of years ago) both seemed to do well.
  4. Forgot to add that the Neopolitans were also beautifully danced both nights by Gorak and Klein and then Ahn and Sung Woo Han. They each had a different feel - Gorak and Klein elegant and Ahn and Han energetic - but both thrilling. I hope Klein continues to get opportunities.
  5. Lurker here. I've been reading this forum for a while, but I'm somewhat new to ballet, really avidly following it and attending performances for the last four years or so, so take my opinion for what it's worth -- I attended both the Friday and Saturday night Swan Lake, so I saw Copeland/Cornejo and Teuscher/Bell. I only went on Friday night to see Cornejo because I have never had the chance to see his Siegfried. Copeland danced both white swan and black swan. She did not do the fouettes in Act III and instead did the manege of steps. I don't like to be mean, but she was very mediocre. He
  6. I’ve been a lurker for a while, but my response to this WaPo article is different than many. I’ve read previous articles with negative insinuations by Peggy McGlone about other institutions where I have some knowledge of the situation on the ground, so I would not take everything in the article at face value. I, for one, was never interested in the showmanship of the TWB during the Webre years, but am delighted with the new direction of the company under Kent. I have been very pleased to see Kent improve the quality of the dancing and perform ballet repertoire, such as The Dream, Lilac
  7. This is very disappointing. I imagine the logistics of finding space at other theaters will be difficult. But I for one would be thrilled if they, say, expanded to two weeks at the Kennedy Center or came back to Wolf Trap again.
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