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  1. Ettore

    Sarasota @ Joyce Aug. 2018

    Happy to have helped, and hopefully see you at the Joyce and maybe even Sarasota!
  2. Ettore

    Sarasota @ Joyce Aug. 2018

    Hello! I do hope this isn't inappropriate to comment here regarding this, but I work for The Sarasota Ballet and I thought I would tell you that there is a rather large error on the Joyce website regarding the repertoire. I know we have spoken with the Joyce about this and hopefully it will be fixed on their site soon. However, just for you all to know, the repertoire is the following: Program 1 Sir Frederick Ashton's Monotones I & II | Ricardo Graziano's Symphony of Sorrows | Christopher Wheeldon's There Where She Loved Program 2 Starts with Wheeldon's There Where She Loved and then to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Ashton's passing the program will include Monotones I & II and four Ashton diverts/extracts (La Chatte Métamorphosée en Femme; the pas de trois from Les Patineurs; Méditation from Thaïs; and the final pas de deux from The Two Pigeons, performed by Victoria Hulland and guest artist Marcelo Gomes). I hope that clears up the mistake (and hopefully any disappointment as well!)