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  1. I can't thank everyone enough for their feedback. Although we have each been to the city several times, it's never been without a resident guide, so this whole process -- from public transportation/city navigation to dining to other recreational activities -- is quite overwhelming. I'm a bit of an over-planner/vacation perfectionist, so the short notice and unknown variables are giving me fits. Haha! I think we would like to do a special dinner, for the special evening, so I will look into the some of the fine(r) dining options in the area. The rest of our trip will be as casual as possib
  2. It seems the Row O seats are now gone, so Row M seats 5 and 7 it is! Thanks, everyone. Feel to continue with restaurant suggestions, as I am still researching. :)
  3. Thanks so much, everyone, for your prompt and thorough responses so far. My mom and I are both only around 5'4, so given Drew's initial feedback row G is probably not for the best. :) Between Row M in the side section near the aisle, and Row O in the center section near the aisle, which would you think? Or is this really a negligible difference? More center would be nice, but I am also concerned about the raking/height of other patrons issue. The ballet we attend in North Carolina is in much smaller venues, so while our season tickets here are actually balcony, the seating capacity
  4. Hello all, I'm new here. I have read through some of the other threads about Met seating, and I wasn't sure whether to bump an old one or create a new one, so hopefully I made the right choice. I would like to take my mom to the June 25th performance of Don Quixote for her 60th birthday. We are coming to NYC from North Carolina specifically to see Daniil Simkin before he departs for Berlin. It will be our first time for both the Met and an ABT performance. This was a last minute plan, so we are trying to scramble for tickets. I have called the box office and searched the web, but I am ha
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