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  1. This T&V was just what I needed tonight!
  2. Also the ribs is more a bone structure thing. Most ballerinas are ectomorphic. Basketball players are also usually extremely ectomorphic. Here is Kevin Durant, ribs visible:
  3. Considering how many ballerinas are now mothers I'd say that many ballerinas are thin but healthy. Inability to have kids is one classic symptom of a serious eating disorder.
  4. I really liked her as Apricot in DAAG, the Concert, Sugarplum Fairy, Rubies, and Stravinsky Violin Concerto. She was a lovely, charming dancer. She did have some technical limitations though.
  5. I also saw her in Sleeping Beauty and she was the only ballerina to fall off pointe twice in the Rose Adagio.
  6. Margot Fonteyn? Ninette di Valois used to say she had feet that were like sticks of butter. Her turnout was not considered very good either.
  7. She doesn't dance as heavy of a workload as the other principals. Part of it is injuries. But part of it is technique -- for instance, she struggled as Waltz Girl of Serenade and that wasn't a role I expected ballerinas to struggle in.
  8. Also I have to say ... Lauren was a lovely dancer but IMO not strong enough technically to handle a principal workload at NYCB.
  9. I don't think they film every performance in full. They might need to stitch together footage from two different performances.
  10. Tess and Danny were amazing! By far my favorite Siren/Prodigal pair.
  11. NYCB has an in-depth article about Prodigal Son: https://www.nycballet.com/discover/stories/spotlight-prodigal-son/
  12. Tess Reichlen just had her baby. Congratulations Tess! https://www.instagram.com/p/CLktSu9gN_E/
  13. I could see if they did a ballet about, say, Anna Pavlova or Marie Taglioni that they'd interpolate some of their most well known numbers into the ballet.
  14. Uh ... the choreography just doesn;t fit Swan Lake. It's more a 9 minute virtuoso display and thus the perfect gala piece. I also couldn;t imagine anyone doing the Tchai pas in an Odile costume,
  15. Another pas de deux I like is Papillon. Olesya Novikova dances it in galas at the Mariinsky:
  16. Pas de Quatre was also part of Boston Ballet's digital season.
  17. For a small fee here's Paquita with Ashley Hod and Andrew Veyette: https://www.aballetnetwork.com/paquita.html
  18. Paul Taylor is streaming Esplanade: https://mediaspace.du.edu/media/Newman+Center+PresentsA+Paul+Taylor+Dance+Company/1_rcp6xnok
  19. Simone Messmer should be in the running. (KIDDING.)
  20. More good news: they are adding a performance of Vienna Waltzes to be streamed June 3:
  21. Tess and Danny in Prodigal Son? Yay! 😃
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