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  1. The only time my friends and I have left in the middle of a ballet was with The Snow Maiden. I don't think it's been back since.
  2. Thank you so much for sharing!i wish I was able to go
  3. I went to see romeo and juliet and I got nostalgic for the days of ferri and bocca, paloma and angel, julie and roberto. Miss those days !
  4. I went to see la bayadere on thursday. Isabella, jeffrey and misty. I thought it was very good, especially jeffrey. Gabe was the bronze idol, also very good. The 3 shades were skylar, april and katie. Skylar is having an amazing season, a super hero!!
  5. mimi67


    I went to ABT on Thursday saw la bayedere with isabella, misty and jeffery. Gabe was the bronze idol. The 3 shades were skylar, april, and katie. Thought it was very good especially Jeffrey.
  6. mimi67


    Just joined! wanted to say Hi!! Have been reading the site for a while decided to finally join.
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