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  1. 9 hours ago, Josette said:

    She is delightful!


    I couldn't agree more! She is so generous with her time and knowledge and her English is excellent. I wish her a long, healthy, and successful career.

  2. WOW!  That is exciting news for Victoria.  Thank you for the update. She is  beautiful dancer and I wish her much success at the Bolshoi!  It looks like she'll be making her debut as one of the Big Swans in Swan Lake.

  3. 2 hours ago, GB1216 said:

    Was just looking at casting and Katherine Williams is getting two performances of Myrta.  Due to schedule I think I’m going to catch the Boylston/Whiteside performance.  

    does anyone know anything about Williams as a dancer or boylston/whiteside interpretation of Giselle? 

    Sadly, I have not seen Katherine Williams in a featured role but I have taken class with her and she is a beautiful dancer. 

  4. 12 hours ago, dirac said:

    I suppose foul language and general coarseness of expression does qualify as "conversational style" these days. I found the Elle excerpt difficult to get through and it's not long.  I will withhold judgment until I get hold of the book and come to it with an open mind, but I sure hope the whole thing doesn't read like that.


    Thank you, ECat, for starting the topic! I look forward to hearing people's views, and I imagine they'll be lively reading. :)

    Well I must admit that there is a lot of coarseness and language.  I assume it is a generational thing.  Personally, I found her to be hilarious but I can absolutely see how it would put many people off. In all honesty, I am sad that the book isn't longer. She gives so many details and information about things I've wondered about in the ballet world.

    I'm looking forward to hearing people's views as well!  I imagine some strong reactions.

  5. 6 hours ago, Petra said:

    I read the "exclusive excerpt" in Elle. As an audience member who loves Mr. B's Nutcracker, I'm getting tired of dancers writing how much they hate dancing in it. 

    To be clear, I'm not talking about the racism and being uncomfortable with dancing in 'yellowface', that's understandable. It's just annoying to hear about dancers being bored out of their minds dancing the same thing year after year. It's their job. 

    You sentiments are totally understandable.  Before I started reading her book, I formed opinions based on excerpts.  But when reading them in their proper context, it takes on an entirely different meaning.  

  6. If preordered, one has access to the book before its launch date.  As not to give spoilers for those who have not had a chance to start the book yet, I'll keep my initial thoughts brief. Pazcoguin writes in a conversational style and is often humorous.  I love the details, the chronology, and the information she gives.  I'm really liking this book. What does everyone else think?

  7. On 7/15/2021 at 1:00 PM, nanushka said:

    "She didn't do what I would have done."

    "She didn't do what women should do."

    "She didn't do X in situation A, even though she did Y in situation B."

    Statements such as these do not, in my opinion, support a claim that an allegation is untrue or not credible. And all suggest a lack of understanding of how many victims react to such situations.


    I can easily imagine a young female dancer experiencing this — from an older, male, senior company member — and being simply stunned. It happens again, and there's more anger this time, but also perhaps shame (e.g. at not having prevented it), a desire to fit in, a fear of being viewed as problematic, a fear of consequences. It happens a few more times, and by that point it feels almost impossible to say something. ("She should have said something earlier.")

    It is very easy for me to imagine a young dancer in this situation not thinking, "I should go to management" or "I should bring charges through my union."

    Well said Nanushka.  It would be impossible to judge her as none of us actually knows what happened.  There are also so many factors that would go into this sort of situation. Many people here have listed some possible factors. 

    If she had gone to management, which side would actually be taken? Ramasar outranks her.

    Gina seems like a smart woman to me and I'm sure she knows she'll be lambasted for not speaking up earlier on this issue. If it is not true, why would she put herself through that?

    Socialization for ballet dancers who have spent their entire lives insulated in their ballet worlds might not have the emotional tools to set boundaries.  

    Just some things to thing about...

  8. On 7/6/2021 at 3:31 PM, meunier fan said:

    I did have a goodly number of opportunities to see Nureyev dance with other partners; some very fine ones I seem to recall.  (I'm not sure why but the blazing glory of Yoko Ichino seems to be calling out to me at this immediate instant.)  Still talking of a ballerina and an event, I was in the audience during one of 'those nights' at what was then known as the O'Keefe Center in Toronto when a then relatively unknown young dancer called Karen Kain was pulled from the NBoC's corps and thrust by Celia Franca into Erik Bruhn's two act production of Swan Lake as Odette/Odile opposite Nureyev's Siegfried as a replacement.  One heard the sigh of disappointment when it was announced pre-performance that the promised principal would not perform and her name was called out.  I would later learn she had never danced the role before.  I, myself, was very young at the time - and certainly impressionable -, but I have never forgotten the electricity that was generated - nor the great male dancer's somewhat obvious displeasure that this truly extraordinary young female artist was getting so much deserved attention at the curtain calls.  I remember dashing about trying to find out her name at the end of that revelatory outing.  No one seemed to know.  In the end I had to go to the stage door to actually discover it.  Once learned it was never forgotten.  Of course Nureyev himself would later hone in on Kain's balletic majesty many times over, much to his - and our own - concerted advantage.  

    Ah, memories ... 

    What a wonderful story!  I love to hear about dancers being thrown in last minute and having much success!

  9. This is such a great thread that I'm only seeing for the first time.  Perhaps we can get it going again.  My very very first love or role model was Cynthia Harvey in Don Q with Baryshnikov.  To this day she will still be my favorite Kitri.  The camera got such great close ups of her sassy facial expressions.  Then I saw her in the ABT mixed bill in both Les Sylphides and Paquita.  If I hadn't seen Cynthia first, it would be Gelsey Kirkland or Alessandra Ferri.

  10. I want to wish a huge congratulations to May Nagahisa as well as Olesya Novikova.  Novikova's promotion was long overdue and very much deserved.  When I saw the Mariinsky perform La Bayadere in DC a few years ago, Nagahisa was still listed an apprentice and was one of the 3 shades.  She blew me away.  Rock-solid technique and a beautiful stage presence.   Then I saw her again in the pas de trios from Emeralds in LA and again, she stood out.  She has definitely got something special.

    Batoeva is another special dancer.  She was Gamzatti in DC and almost stole the show.  She and Filip Steppin (who needs to be principal) performed the pas de deus in Rubies.  WOW!  They had such wonderful chemistry and were outstanding.

  11. 14 hours ago, California said:

    That Swan Lake was in the works for a long time. If they looked at other options in DC next season, Giselle must have seemed like it had great potential as a safe money-maker after the long drought of serious revenue. Not something I'd jump onto an airplane to see, but still...

    Good points for sure!   I hope that their rep brings in the revenue that they are hoping for.  But I do agree that nothing they're performing warrants a plane trip.

  12. 19 hours ago, Buddy said:

    Her's and Maria Iliushkina's careers are somewhat paralleling each other at the moment. Maria Iliushkina is similarly fine, showing more outward sweetness, but with very fine ability and inner resolve. In her most recent gala duet from La Bayadere they've given her more eye makeup to appear more mature. I think that it works from a distance and is something that they can experiment with. I think that it looks rather cute, actually, because her sweetness still sneaks through. I feel that this balancing of youthfulness with artistic maturity works well for both of them.


    I cannot agree with you more about the heavier make-up for Iliushkina.  It was beautiful and elegant, yet still allowed her innocence to shine through.  I would like to see her as Juliet.

  13. @MeritWow!  Thank you for making such a comprehensive list of dancers birth and possible retirement years.  I would LOVE to see Pagliero and Ould-Braham before they retire.

    @Buddy how lucky you are to have seen many amazing dancers.  I also love Moussin.

  14. On 5/31/2021 at 7:11 PM, ABT Fan said:

    Oh, that Paquita video brought back memories! I had that VHS tape of this performance and must have watched it a million times growing up. 

    Me, too!  I grew up on that and the VHS of Don Quixote with Baryshnikov and Cynthia Harvey.    To me, that will always be my favorite Don Q!

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