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  1. sappho

    Sara Mearns Weds Josh Bergasse

    Loved both. The neckline of Gretchen's suit is so good. Well done, Marc Happel. 👏
  2. YIKES. 🤯 I'm glad Anthony Tommasini made note of the self-aggrandizing speeches in his review, but this particular detail is new to me. Unsurprising; still atrocious. (And it makes me feel even more grateful that Iván Fischer is in town with the NYPhil this week.)
  3. sappho

    Job posting for artistic director

    Heh. My first thought when he mentioned this in the new video was that I'd sooner entrust the company to Marc Happel, the astonishingly knowledgable and much-beloved Director of Costumes, than I would to John Clifford. 🙃
  4. Hungarian cultural institutions are heavily and notoriously dependent on state funding. (The Budapest Festival Orchestra under the wonderful Iván Fischer is a noteworthy exception.) It's worth reflecting on this tour against the backdrop of Fidesz's increasingly alarming and illiberal cultural interventions. See for instance: https://www.ft.com/content/9c657408-b514-11e8-bbc3-ccd7de085ffe
  5. sappho

    New York City Ballet Fall Season

    Oof, just saw that Leonidas Kavakos (with MTT & San Francisco Symphony) and Leila Josefowicz (with JvZ & NYPhil) both performed the Stravinsky Violin Concerto this past week, just days after the NYCB performance. Would have loved to hear either violinist try to tackle the piece as ballet accompanist. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/07/arts/music/stravinsky-carnegie-hall-opening.html
  6. sappho

    Job posting for artistic director

    To put it mildly. Beyond his unprofessional eccentricities (e.g. tagging certain dancers in every post), his sense of entitlement is shocking and foolish. He really does think he's an authority on the felt experiences of the women (and men) affected by Balanchine's various conflicts of interests, because he was 'there when it happened.'1 He also doesn't seem to understand what constitutes a conflict of interest, but that's a separate point. __________ 1 Always a bad look, but an electrifyingly bad one this particular weekend. 🤬
  7. sappho

    New York City Ballet Fall Season

    Thanks for this awesome review and for the link; I'd seen the footage of Taylor Stanley but not the others. Love Ashley Bouder's exit in the second. Will be at the Armory for Keersmaeker's Brandenburg Concertos on Saturday, unfortunately, so I'm very happy to see that The Runaway is returning this spring!
  8. sappho

    New York City Ballet Fall Season

    Hello from the intermission of a not-quite-packed but very enthusiastic house. Teresa was pure poetry in Barocco. Beautiful arms, gorgeous lifts, and she really allowed the music to breathe. Miriam Miller in the corps looked a bit lost or unfocused. Tiler and Joaquin brought down the house. There were moments when it seemed like the house would bring down Tiler and Joaquin, though; my sense is that the rambunctiousness of the audience threw the orchestra and dancers out of sync in a couple of spots. Edit after the show: Kowroski was wonderful in Stravinsky Violin Concerto. Equal parts smouldering intensity and effortless joy. (It occurred to me that back-to-back excerpts from Violin Concerto, Mozartiana, and Slaughter on Tenth Avenue would make for an awesome and sartorially striking Kowroski farewell performance.) Stravinsky is such an expressive corps showcase piece, too, and I wish they'd stage it a little more frequently. I look forward to seeing more of Christina Clark. She also stood out in the corps of Symphony in C, as did Emma Von Enck, who projects so much warmth and character. Consistent with reviews from earlier this week, Indiana Woodward's 3rd movement was terrific.
  9. Ummm am I allowed to be super stoked by this even if I've never seen Leta dance live?! 🙌 Even on tape, it's clear what an absolute force of nature she is. I particularly love the short clips on PNB's YouTube (or possibly Facebook?) of Biasucci dancing Rubies and David Dawson works.
  10. It's been mentioned several times above, but it's worth reiterating that 'revenge porn' laws target the unlawful dissemination of sexual/intimate images (i.e. disseminating images of a subject without obtaining explicit consent to disseminate those images). This can happen even if the sex was consensual.
  11. Definitely agree with this. I was referring mainly to his use of "unfortunate mistake" -- and in the passive voice, as you rightly note -- to characterize what happened. I also don't think NYCB's cultural contributions over the decades are relevant to the case at hand.
  12. Catazaro writes, "I respect and admire every ballerina with whom I dance at the company, and strive every day to be the best partner I possibly can be." And Ramasar, "I am an honest and honorable person, and have always treated everyone, including my colleagues, staff, friends and others at NYCB, with the upmost respect." So facile. Beyond the mindbogglingly obvious point that no one gets to judge the quality of his or her own other-regarding behavior, these men are both old enough to know that 'nice' people can do terrible things and don't get a pass on facing the consequences.
  13. Whoops, my bad! He's quoted here: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/15/arts/dance/city-ballet-fires-two-male-dancers-accused-of-sharing-photos.html
  14. Agree with Helene, nanushka, and others that this was the right call. Also, between John Hockenberry's essay in Harper's, Jian Ghomeshi's essay in NYRB, Ian Buruma's interview justifying his decision to publish Ghomeshi, Ramasar's statement, and Catazaro's statement, it's been a busy weekend for men complaining that they were fired or forced to resign in order to "appease" (Ramasar's words) the nameless public mob...