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    Have been subscriber since 1984 or so. Also Volunteer since 1994 (I think) and supporter (friends level). Definitely Avid Ballet goer. I danced Ballet as a child.
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  1. enpunto


    Thanks, Sandik.. it always helps me to have another explanation although Helene did do a thorough job. kbarber, you are right and it is a pleasure to know you, as always.
  2. enpunto


    Hi Sandik and Nanushka...Thanks for your greetings. I am still trying to understand how to travel this space. I am not at all sure what I can say where. I was thinking about some information I was receiving from the Nationa Ballet, but I understand that "Insider Information" is not acceptable. I am not sure what insider information is vs. Outsider information. Any clarification would be most appreciated. I have been attending the NBC for about 30 years and volunteering more than 20 years. Things have changed a lot, but I always enjoyed following dancers from their start to maturity and retirements or movements elsewhere. Many years ago, as a single seat subscriber, I was moved to another seat in a similar section. It must have been about 25 years ago. I sat next to another single subscriber who was a supporter of NBC since the beginning with Celia Franca. "S" had billetted many dancers at the time. She was an encyclopedia! She invited me to the Volunteer Committee. We sat next to each other until she died three years ago and compared notes on who would be the next promotions and next principal (even when they were still in the corps) So we "promoted" Rex, Chan, Sonya, Greta, etc since they started. I still find myself chatting with "S" and pointing newcomers to her... Thanks, again for the welcome...enpunto
  3. enpunto


    Not sure whether this is the right place to introduce myself. I remember a ballet school coming to my small town (mud roads, one car and one telephone in the whole town). My father took me and I saw the four swans dancing. I was 5 at the time, 1949. I have wanted to be a ballet dancer since then. Much water under the bridge and many moves to places with no schools and no teachers. Somehow the prime passed but not the passion. So here I am and glad I found you! I am still trying to wade through the information here. Thanks...enpunto