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  1. mrstrong_ballet

    Program 5: Celebrating Jerome Robbins

    I attended the Opening Night for Program 5. Opus19/The Dreamer with Sarah van Patten and Carlo DiLanno went over my head a little, I appreciate the movements, but I couldn't completely understand the dance. I feel like I might have to see this again to grasp the nuances. This is also the first time I have seen Sarah dance after her maternity leave, and it's almost like nothing has changed. The Cage is definitely different from the other offerings in the program, and I enjoyed how the music complements the movements so well. Always a treat to see Sofiane dance, though I could detect a hint of Myrtha there (incidentally I saw a performance of Giselle several years ago with her and Masha in it). Other Dances was a delight. I could feel the joy of dancing from Frances, though Angelo seems little bit more reserved in this piece - feels like he needed to "let go". Fancy Free was entertaining, and I have to say the 3 men (Weeks, Fremantle, Hernandez) were the highlight of the piece. The acting was spot on, and I almost forgot that I was at a ballet! Fremantle stood out the most to me in terms of bravura, and I was impressed with how versatile Weeks is, since the last I saw him was Lensky in Onegin and he looked mildly uncomfortable in the role. All in all, an enjoyable night, and I regret not subscribing this season!
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    Hi, I have been dancing ballet for a long time, but never really had the opportunity (lived in a ballet desert) nor finances to see any world class ballet companies until recently. I am so very thankful to have SF Ballet in my backyard now. Looking forward to sharing and learning from the experts on this forum!