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  1. leeyl

    ABT Swan Lake in Singapore

    I hope I haven't opened a can of worms by providing the link...😋 Just for comparison, this is the fouette sequence performed by Shevchenko last Sunday: In her performance in Singapore, she was less self-assured than shown in the clip above, probably due to nerves. But her a la seconde turns were excellent and my friend who attended the matinee with me (and knows less about ballet than I do!) actually gasped in appreciation. Glad I picked the right performance to watch!
  2. leeyl

    ABT Swan Lake in Singapore

    I watched Christine Shevchenko make her debut as Odette/Odile in the Sunday afternoon matinee at the Singapore Esplanade Theatre. After an initially nervous start during the prologue, she was pretty solid throughout and her greatest strength was her port de bras and penchees. Where she really shone was during the Black Swan pas de deux in Act III and she also completed her 32 fouettes during the coda, albeit with quite a bit of travelling. James Whiteside was competent as Prince Siegfried although I had watched David Hallberg perform the same role 5 years ago with the Bolshoi and he was slightly better. And if anyone is interested, for the opening night production last Thursday, Misty completed 13 fouettes to about half of the coda music before switching to pose turns en manege to fill up the rest of the coda 😊. Apologies for not writing a more comprehensive report as I started attending ballet productions only a few years ago and have watched less than five to date. So, I am not really qualified to provide a more detailed critique. But I would say if you wish to watch Swan Lake at the Met, you wouldn't regret purchasing tickets for Ms Shevchenko's performance.