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  1. And I think John Clifford was very clear about the musicality in the contrast of steady vs lyrical as well. At least from the video It seems like he'd be able to bring out a lot more from the nycb dancers
  2. Will leave a more detailed review soon, but the audience applauding for I'd say more than 10 mins at the end, and natalia and david both came out multiple times from the curtain at the same. Compared to her giselle in the Royal ballet DVD recording, her acting has only gotten better. The mad scene is definitely the best I have seen.
  3. This was just posted. Looks like she's not retiring but just leaving sfballet.
  4. thanks @pherank. love Morgan's video. Did you get to see her sleeping beauty or flower festival videos? She was one of the best aurora I think musically and artistically. Too bad that she had to end her soloist career. She was definitely one track to be a principal. Her recent videos about how she got casted as juliet and other principal roles while she was an apprentice offer interesting perspective as a dancer as well
  5. hey everyone. Newbie here. Got single tickets for the May18 osipova giselle, but not sure where I'm sitting yet. I'm worried I might be getting seats for all the way in the back, and wondering if I should just get the ones on the side orchestra. When can we exchange the tickets? Would subscriber be able to buy single ticket during exchange week? and would I be able to exchange ticket if I don't live in New York during that week?
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