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    Thanks for letting me know.
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    Hello, Here is my dance background- I started ballet when I was six, and did 7 1/2 hours per week of mostly ballet with some modern in my teens and very early twenties. I am in my late twenties and have not danced in a while, and am trying to get back into it. My teacher taught technically and gives individual attention. However, when I visited other schools I learned that she never taught us some of the most advanced steps/terminology. She has a lot of latin steps in her artistic choreography, which is awesome, but it was hard to switch to the purely classical stuff at other studios. This summer I taught some ballet lessons over zoom to an eleven year old family friend while she is in the process of switching studios for various reasons. Don't worry, though, I stayed in my "scope of practice." I don't claim to be able to teach her the most advanced steps, and she was not ready for them anyway, although I have visited other studios and done a lot of internet research. The kinds of things I taught her were some easy/intermediate jumps, linking steps, and pull your tummy up and in, and pretend your rib cage and pelvis are lego blocks that are stacked on top of each other. I wasn't going to actually tell you about this teaching, but I enjoyed it so, and it made me want to dance again. I like to be a life long learner, so I will probably come with some questions. Thank you for this providing this.
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