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  1. I went too but like Needlepoints, I do not feel qualified to technically rate the performance. From earlier posts about Swan Lake, I was unsure what to expect. However, I loved every bit of it, the costumes, the dancing, the chemistry between the leads, Melnik and Tsvirko. Cupid too, was danced absolutely beautifully. Almost floating across stage. I concur, the house was almost full, although 4th ring was closed off. From what I could tell the audience was very smitten and vocally supportive of the dancers and their performance.
  2. What I am curious about is if Ms. Waterbury knew about these things happening prior to engaging in a relationship with Finlay. #7 in the complaint could go either way. Not that it would make the alleged infractions any less severe and if corroborated, the accused men should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.
  3. I wonder how long all of this has been going on and, especially, how much the (past and present) leadership knew and turned a blind eye to. What is puzzling that Jon Stafford, according to the disposition, must have known about at least the drinking aspect of Chase Finlay. Why did he not react or perhaps was he told not to from the board?
  4. I agree on the motion that artistically it can be a loss. It's incomprehensible no matter how you look at it. However, if it would involve, let's say a teacher or a doctor, would you still be going to them, knowing (ok, at this point all are still allegations) what they did, or would you entrust your family members to them, I could not.
  5. I agree. If these harrowing allegations indeed prove to be true, I do think that it will (career) end their career for a long time. It's really heartbreaking how one can conduct him/herself this way, absolutely no respect nor decency toward the human being. Just imagine the psychological impact this will cause, not only on the victims, but also on their families.
  6. I am profoundly saddened by this utterly terrible news. Not only was he an excellent and caring teacher, but also a wonderful human being. My heartfelt condolences!
  7. I just wish, that in cases like these that the companies, together with the dismissed or suspended persons, would come out with a joint statement to quell any interpretations. All of them are public figures on Insta. Don't they own it to their fan base to man and fess up? After, everybody can decide to be in support or not. But at least we have a direction to move on without any further speculation. I think the abruptness of leaving and not providing (or at least attempting) any explanation, even vague, does make one look even more guilty.
  8. Please NO Millepied, no leadership quality and his premier work with ABT was dreadful. How about Lindsay Fisher and his wife Mandy-Jayne Richardson from NBS? They could bring a wealth of experience with them in both, dancing and teaching. I am always enthralled with their company's meticulous and beautiful performances when they come to Lincoln Center.
  9. Thank you California and apologies for not being clearer from the get go, but I was under the impression that it also involved colleges/universities particularly affiliated with dance programs. Anyhow, I will follow your link (Chronicle......) a bit more closely.
  10. I am trying to find the quote where a member (who seems to have disappeared) who stated 'that there is sexual favoritism also found on college/university levels'. Is there another thread for that or can somebody explain or share insight into these allegations which to me were equally disturbing as well as the aforementioned ongoing discussions.
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