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  1. I believe this is actually for their summer 2020 tour.
  2. Great to hear these comments! Thank you.
  3. Wow it sounds like an incredible performance. Who replaced Olga during the second act?
  4. mtthwbrehm


    Even the most experienced ballerinas still make mistakes every now and then. It wasn't a big deal.
  5. Sorry I have not responded to this message, but I will send a personal message! Thank you so much
  6. I can direct message you if more appropriate than this forum, but I believe wholeheartedly in her innocence. She is an extremely beautiful and technically capable ballerina. On stage, I feel that she did not have to act. Her personality was just as sweet and innocent as Aurora. I'll never forgive myself for not bringing her flowers. If it is within your interest, I would consider buying her a nice bouquet for the performance.
  7. I saw Angelina this summer in the Sleeping Beauty. Out of all the ballerinas I saw in Petersburg and Moscow, her performance made the greatest impression. She was effervescent and beautiful, perfectly capturing Aurora. Mikhailovsky is lucky to have her and the theater's repertoire suits her well.
  8. I think that having designated claques in the audience is a good thing. It makes the audience more engaged and more inclined to shout "bravo" and applaud as well. As long as claques aren't doing anything horrible to dancers behind the scenes, it seems to be a good institution. Over the summer I did study abroad in St. Petersburg and had the opportunity to watch performances at the Mariinsky, Mikhailovsky and Bolshoi. The claques at the Bolshoi made the performance much more interesting. No one around me ever seem disinterested or bored. It was a lot easier to work up the courage to cheer
  9. PLEASE GO AND TELL US HOW IT IS. Mekhmene Banu is a perfect role for her.
  10. Tsiskaridze founded a committee to ensure the correct teaching of Vaganova's teaching. None of his recent graduates have taken on a Moscow style.
  11. So glad to hear that you enjoyed Anastasia Lukina. I saw her debut as Queen of the Dryads last summer on the fourth of July and she was not ready. She messed up the Italian fouettes, but I was still glad to bring her flowers!
  12. I had the pleasure of attending both performances on Saturday. There has been a lot of critiques against Oksana, but the only noticeable error I saw was during the first en dedan pirouette of the scarf variation. It looked like Andrey hadn't given her the proper fabric length. She very visibly had to yank for more cloth before taking off into the next arabesque-pirouette section. Either way she finished the forward pirouettes with a clean triple on the music, something not a lot of ballerinas can do well. Andrey Ermakov impressed me immensely as Solor, his jumps were so high I was
  13. If only it could have premiered this summer!!! I had to stand and then sit for two back to back Don Quixotes, their 'Nureyev' alternative. Either way, hopefully some better recordings emerge online from the premiere. I suppose the Bolshoi decided to stall its Coppelia revival to make room for this.
  14. mtthwbrehm


    Yes! I should be able to see Ekaterina Kondaurova and Oksana Skorik if the casting holds.
  15. mtthwbrehm


    Thank you! I'm glad to be a part of this online community.
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