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  1. Maria Kotchetkova's picture and bio are gone from the ABT website - IT glitch or victory for common sense?
  2. Including Brown and Anderson, I count 11 corps members with 10+ years in the company: the others are Daniel Applebaum and Giovanni Villalobos (July 2005), Jenelle Manzi and Gretchen Smith (February 2006), Andrew Scordato (July 2006), Mary Elizabeth Sell (September 2006), Ralph Ippolito and Devin Alberda (October 2006), and Meagan Mann (spring 2007). Since I was looking, the most senior principal women after Maria (promoted spring 1999) are Bouder and Fairchild (both January 2005), and the senior principal men are de Luz (January 2005) followed by Jared Angle (November 2005). The l
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