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  1. ABT also mounts rather extravagant full length productions that it has to move around frequently on tours. The added overhead has to be substantial. It’s also resorted to performing on cruise ships, which cannot be a good sign of its financial stability.
  2. It’s sad but it’s to be expected. I was surprised that NYCB was even able to pay everyone.
  3. Full press release: https://www.nycballet.com/NYCB/media/NYCBMediaLibrary/PDFs/Press/2020-03-26_NYCB-2020-Spring-Season-Announcement.pdf
  4. Last year the new season was announced on the last Friday in March. If they keep to that this year, then they will announce the new season tomorrow. Hopefully we will simply be able to use our spring season tickets as a credit towards a subscription - perhaps they timed the cancellation announcement for today in anticipation of that. It could potentially help curb their losses.
  5. NYCB's Relief Fund can be found here, they project a loss of $8 million: https://www.nycballet.com/Support/Donate.aspx?utm_source=wordfly&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=FY20SpringCancellationPatronCommunication&utm_content=version_A&uid=1685739&promo=45848#/donation
  6. Just got the email. We knew it was coming but it’s still disappointing and sad.
  7. Perhaps a moderator could sticky somewhere a list of crisis funds to donate to and links?
  8. Philharmonic has cancelled through June 13, so I don’t think there’s hope for NYCB and ABT, especially given Cuomo’s apparent resolve to keep things shut down for several months. I’m not sure Mostly Mozart will even happen.
  9. FYI, if you missed the broadcast you can find the Rubies portion on YouTube:
  10. It’s a terrible situation for everyone, and mistakes are understandable as I’m sure everyone one is under a colossal amount of stress. But you don’t put out press releases without giving a heads up to involved parties. I’m hoping that ABT will put out some kind of season, at any rate. They certainly seem to be the most vulnerable of the affected companies.
  11. They updated again at 5, still no change. They were probably as you say caught off guard. NYCB has made no changes either. There’s been an overall failure of communication in this crisis - yesterday, when the Met cancelled their season the person at the box office I called had absolutely no idea. Many of the dancers are not even in New York at the moment. I don’t see how they could even get to NYC for rehearsals.
  12. ABT apparently updated its Coronavirus page at 4:30pm today and it still says the season will start May 11.
  13. Lincoln Center just sent an email saying that all performances are cancelled through May 17. Dumb question, would this include the two ballet companies/everyone on campus? The email only cites special events and the Great Performers series.
  14. I think, unfortunately, that the best case scenario is that everything will be closed through May 10. That would cut NYCB's season in half and eliminate the rest of the opera's season, though ABT starts on May 11. But whether Osipova, Kim, and Smirnova (anyone else?) could make it over to the US in time is another question. Hope I'm wrong and "something miraculous" (to quote Cuomo) happens and we can get out of this soon.
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