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  1. Huh, I've noticed this every time she performs - the smile in the photo above doesn't even look like the same dancer. I think that she probably just has an unfortunately upturned mouth or maybe it's a tic, nothing intentional. She is clearly a very capable dancer too, this is just something that irks me.
  2. He is the worst, but what has he done to ballet? Edit: just saw that this about all arts, not just dance, sorry.
  3. Just got back from this year’s Nutcracker. Korowski was really great, very secure and serene. The terrible slide that gives many ballerinas issues was done without a hitch. Someone here had asked about her in this role, and I too was a little apprehensive as she had posted on Instagram that she had retired multiple roles in the fall season. But I was pleased to see she had no problems. She continually amazes me with her level of technique at her relatively advanced age, and I’m very much hoping to see her in Stravinsky Violin next month, she just astounded me last year in that. To me the standout of the night was Kikta as Coffee- easily the best version I’ve seen of that part. Why on earth hasn’t she been promoted?? Mimi Staker was lovely as Marzipan. Laine Habony replaced Phelan in Spanish- she was fine but I can’t get past her smile, which just looks like a sneer. I know that’s petty, but there it is. Lastly Gerrity danced well as Dewdrop, but tonight it seemed every time she turned her smile vanished and her expression became tight and strained. I’ve never noticed her do something like that, she’s usually a very confident, consistent performer. Overall a good performance, already looking forward to next year.
  4. That's a shame about Phelan, she was really marvelous last year. I do find that despite her great talent she is not consistent at all - either her performances will be fantastic or they will be terribly sloppy.
  5. Week 5: https://www.nycballet.com/NYCB/media/NYCBMediaLibrary/PDFs/Press/Casting/NYCB-Casting_Dec-23-29-2019.pdf Bouder and Kretzschmar return, Hoxha debuts as Candy Cane.
  6. Georgina Pazcoguin posted this: these would be debuts for both of them, I think?
  7. NYCB posted a clip on Twitter in the last couple months of Bouder rehearsing Swan Lake. And she was really great in 2017. But you’re probably right. I wonder about Reichlen as well.
  8. I really can’t see Lovette as Odile at all, but I think she’ll be a lovely Odette. I would love to see Phelan get a shot at the role but I don’t think it will be anytime soon.
  9. I know we’re still in early Nutcracker season, but Lovette announced on Instagram that she and Ball are debuting Swan Lake together. As there are 6 other O/Os in the company and only 11 performances, I assume that one or two dancers will be retiring the role.
  10. That’s wonderful news, she’s been out for a while.
  11. Ashley Bouder is back as well; she posted company class on her stories. Hopefully she doesn’t try to rush her recovery, there are a number of ballets in the winter season that I’d like to see her in.
  12. I’m worried about Peck - I think she had said in the CoD podcast that she was coming back for Nutcracker. Also hope Bouder’s not out for too long. I got Korowski/T Angle/Gerrity as my cast this year, which I’m fine with but not super excited about. Actually more excited to see Kikta do Coffee, which I’ve heard great things about. Gerrity seems to me more like a SPF than a Dewdrop but I’m looking forward to seeing how she does.
  13. I think Mejia did it as an apprentice? Could be wrong, it might have been tea.
  14. No Peck or Bouder so far
  15. He was a principal at Miami City Ballet, which does the Balanchine version. He must have done it before, surely. And yes, I look forward to seeing more of him as well!
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