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  1. Without Danchig-Waring’s comment I wouldn’t have associated “double-barreled” with his physique at all, but rather his strength and power. But ballet dancers are understandably a lot more sensitive about their body images than the general public, and a great many have suffered from some kind of eating disorder. So even if it wasn’t meant as body shaming, Macaulay should definitely not have so flippantly nicknamed him.
  2. I thought Peck was doing the choreography for the film? Or is he just staging the Robbins? (Hope it’s the latter)
  3. I’m not understanding. There are fewer female principals than male. Gerrity and Woodward have been dancing principal workloads, Phelan close to it as well. To me the inequity is obvious.
  4. Safe to say no promotions? If so, then none for more than a year. What a way for the new administration to start its first full season.
  5. Many dancers posted tributes to Garcia on their instagrams, so I think he's retiring soon. FWIW he was excellent last night.
  6. Hopefully! If not then there would be none in 2019. Just hoping that the apprentice announcement doesn’t constitute all promotions for the season.
  7. Two apprentices, Uma Deming and Lauren Collett, were just promoted. Last year apprentices were included in the whole promotion press release at the end of the fall season.
  8. Take a look at the female corps, there are a lot fewer dancers of color there. And dancers like Chamblee and Farley should have progressed to the soloist level but have been passed over in favor of white dancers. Who are the dancers you speak of that are getting discriminated against for being “too white”? I’d love to hear some examples.
  9. Thanks Peg, just read his post. Glad that it's not just me!
  10. I was surprised how much I enjoyed Pereira’s Russian Girl tonight, although I’m still disappointed not to have seen Bouder do it. I’m not sure how I feel about Summerspace. The dancers looked great, especially Danchig-Waring and Gerrity. I think for me the problem was the score, I’ve always detested Morton Feldman and this piece of music was just too sparse. They might as well have had no music at all. I agree that it probably warrants another viewing. TPC2 was just fantastic. I’ve decided that I really like the costumes, except for the mens’ vests, which make them look like bellboys. Also agree that Mearns is much more suited to the role than Bouder; she just exudes grandeur. King was a delight and Janzen is probably the MVP of the male principals at the moment. One small, very petty thing- Alec Knight’s hair. He styles it into a giant bouffant that makes him look ridiculous and more importantly stand out noticeably from the rest of the male corps. Shame because he’s a lovely dancer.
  11. I think/hope it will be Woodward, Phelan, and Gerrity. I really like Ball, but it seems like he’s spent a large amount of his time as a soloist injured, so maybe next year? Also, they haven’t promoted a woman to principal since May 2015, and with multiple Me Too incidents they need good pro-woman PR, and three promotions would do that. For corps to principal it will definitely be Mejia. I’d also like to see Kikta, Chamblee, and Farley. I also like Emma von Enck and Alston Macgill but I think they’re less realistic. Mira Nadon might have a shot but it could be too early for her.
  12. King is also doing Union Jack.
  13. She has a sad-looking face. I'd take that over someone like Megan LeCrone, who just looks angry all the time. While I agree MacKinnon doesn't exactly read as joyful I certainly don't agree with the criticisms I've seen of her on this site. I thought she was good in Emeralds this year in particular.
  14. She’s created many ballets, for Vail and ABT II among others. I appreciate that she was trying new things. It made for an interesting viewing experience at the very least, but I was really disappointed. I look forward to seeing her next one.
  15. Ah you just beat me to posting! I think I largely agree with you, Bellawood. Opus 19 was great, as was the Liang. I've always loved Anna Sui, and yes, those skirts were amazing. It was a lovely ballet. I loved Sara Mearns and Russell Janzen, and Tyler Angle was also really great as well. The piece had a great folksy quality without it hitting you to much over the head with it. Lovette's was not great. I did like the Zac Posen costumes, and I liked the music (absent the wailing and whispers from the cast), but the choreography just didn't stand up. I really wanted to like it because I think it's fantastic to have a young female choreographer, and I like Lovette as a dancer. But it was just so amateurish. You could tell that she really wanted to make a Point (evidenced by the cast pointing accusingly at the audience) but I'm not sure what it was about? Maybe about gender? And then there was the taking off of the pointe shoes that were made to look like not pointe shoes, and leaving them in the middle of the stage. I'm very surprised that the corps didn't trip over them. Symphony in C did look a little sleepy. Several corps members had missteps. Jared Angle should not be partnering Teresa Reichlen. He's too short, and looked like he was struggling to lift her, and while she was wonderful I think she was limiting herself to make things easier on him. I wish she was partnered with Tyler Angle, who is fantastic with her in the Paris video, but given as he had just danced the Liang I can see why they didn't cast him. I will also say that Ashley Hod as a demi in the first movement looked great. It's good to have her back and recovered from her injury.
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