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  1. The set and costumes look like they were made by PTA volunteers for a school play. I do like Martins’ choreography. One thing that really bugged me last time was the fact that the costumes for the Russian dance were Arabian, and had nothing to do with Russia even though it was still billed as the Russian dance.
  2. Peck’s been off the roster since the fall. Stafford certainly does not dance much, and not since the fall season.
  3. That’s a valid point, but there’s the issue that dancers like Indiana Woodward are dancing principal workloads without the pay and recognition that should come with it.
  4. She's wonderful as well. And she did a great job with 3rd movement Bizet on the Paris DVD, but hasn't been allowed to dance it since.
  5. I really thought it was going to go to Mejia because they had been alternating men and women and he’s (deservedly) the favorite of the male corps. I remember liking Jones in Scotch Symphony but being a little underwhelmed by her 3rd movement Bizet. Maybe I’ve seen her in other things that I’ve forgotten. Certainly there are corps members with more star power - if they had to give the award to a small blonde why not Emma von Enck? Maybe the award has changed. Segin was an odd pick last year, but I do think she deserved it - she just doesn’t seem to be on the promotion track. But Jones is younger and has been getting a fair number of debuts lately.
  6. I saw this Traviata when it premiered and honestly I don’t remember the ballet at all. Just a lot of gold.
  7. From her stories on Instagram it appears she was in class today. I too have a ticket to her Firebird, I hope she’s okay!
  8. From the first two weeks' casting it seems that Hyltin will probably be out for this run of Swan Lake. Thus it seems likely that Lovette will indeed debut, with 6 casts getting 2 performances each.
  9. Right, sorry. I didn’t mean to say it was the Jews’ doing at all. But before the Soviets Jews were forced off from mainstream society and identified mainly as Jews, spoke mainly Yiddish, etc. The Russians were oppressors. During the Soviet period Jews were more assimilated, but there was a major anti Semitic view in the Soviet government that Jews were more loyal to Israel.
  10. It’s a fair point. An acquaintance of mine who immigrated to the US recently from Russia only refers to himself as Tatar, and corrects people who call him Russian. In Western Europe, I want to point out, Judaism was not considered a separate nationality at all, at least by Jews. My family were staunch German nationalists right up until Kristallnacht, for example. Up until the Nazis they were fairly integrated into mainstream German society. And as anti-semitism was more pointed and structured in the East before, it makes sense that Jews did not think of themselves as Russian. But I think what canbelto experienced from the therapist was a variant of the insidious “disloyal Jew” trope wherein Jews are considered to only be loyal to themselves or Israel rather than their home country. As she was there in person she probably got an anti-Semitic impression that goes beyond the separate nationalities thing.
  11. Russians have a long and even proud history of antisemitism- never forget, for example, that the last two tsars murdered about three million Jews between them, and are still widely viewed as sympathetic victims by the Russian people. I believe I’ve seen an estimate by the ADL that a majority of Russians admit to open anti-Semitic beliefs. I think anti-black racism is more unconscious there, in the sense that because black people don’t have as much of a history in Russia, Russians therefore believe they cannot be racist. Or maybe they believe that there needs to be active violence in order for something to count as racism.Therefore acts like blackface aren’t given the critical eye that they should. I don’t doubt that the girls in the photo probably thought that they were being very silly and funny, without a thought to how the resulting image affected black viewers. I just think that this particular kind of bias and racism is one where education is needed. As the Bolshoi has grown into an international company its leaders - who ought to have that education by now - have no excuse for continuing this practice and they should impart that onto their students.
  12. Bouder is rehearsing Swan Lake, so evidently she’ll still be cast. She was absolutely fantastic in 2017.
  13. I don’t think uniformity of skin color is a good thing to aspire to - it’s used especially as a justification to keep black dancers out. And unless a tan is obviously fake/orange I don’t see the problem either.
  14. Baily Jones gets the Janice Levin award this year. She's certainly been singled out lately. I'm not sure what I think about her, although she does have good technique.
  15. What she did was reckless- an understandably emotional response to an offensive image. The pointed focus on the girls and not the company responsible, compounded with the odd defense she made calling the girls her “oppressors”, and silence as the girls were harassed, were also reckless. Recklessness does not equal malign intent, but it’s still wrong. I think something that a lot of posters here are having trouble understanding is the extreme nature of social media. Public shaming and targeted online harassment are very real and normal things. What happened here was entirely and very foreseeable, especially for a person who uses social media on a regular basis to promote their job. Lastly, just to respond to someone else’s remark: I am not, nor is anyone else, equating Misty’s actions with that of the Bolshoi’s. All I am trying to get across is the fact that one extremely awful act does not excuse any and all responses. To say that people are creating a false equivalency is a mischaracterization. I wish people understood that not everything is black and white.
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