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  1. Indiana Woodward was stunning in her debut as Aurora tonight. Some of her balances were a little shaky in the Rose Adagio were a little shaky but other than that she was excellent. Her Vision scene was simply breathtaking. Megan Lecrone fared less well as the Lilac Fairy; she exuded more warmth than I had expected but is too angular for the part. Anthony Huxley was excellent, but I don’t really see him as a princely type. I would have given the debut to Harrison Ball, who was fantastic and very elegant as Gold. Other standouts were Unity Phelan as Diamond and Erica Pereira as Florine. I know she’s a little controversial on this site but she really sparkled. This is is my first time seeing NYCB’s production and it’s my favorite of Martins’ full lengths. Unlike Swan Lake the tempo was not too fast. I thought that the fairy variations were fine- it would have been nice to leave pauses for applause, however. I agree with others that the intermission should be placed before the Vision scene; the first act was far too long. Also, while the Little Red Riding Hood was very cute I would rather have had an adult ballerina do that part- the undertones are a tad too dark with a child doing the role.
  2. She’s only in her early thirties though, correct? I hope this doesn’t mean she’s getting ready to retire.
  3. I had assumed he was injured. I thought he danced well in the fall, especially in In Vento.
  4. Casting up for week 6. Does anyone know in what order the couples in Liebeslieder are listed?
  5. I am really sick of writers like the New Yorker one bemoaning “only” fourteen male principals. At that time there were and continue to be only nine female principals. The last four promotions to principal have all been male. And the recent firings have been used to create more opportunities for men rather than women in the company.
  6. It’s strange that Mearns isn’t doing Lilac. I think she said on Instagram that she was doing both that and Carabosse.
  7. Both Gordon and Janzen (is he still out? Has he danced since being replaced in Mozartiana?) are still on the cast lists. I was shocked at how bad Ask La Cour was in In the Night tonight. His extensions were minimal, barely half the height of Sara Mearns’. It honestly looked like he was marking the steps. He looked totally bored throughout. I get that there’s a dearth of tall male principals at the moment but it was ridiculous, especially when comparing him to Jared Angle, who though out of shape was taking the ballet seriously and making a sincere effort.
  8. I assume that the sexting scandal delayed things. Personally I think Stafford didn’t come off particularly well, what with the revelation that he was aware of Finlay’s alcohol issues and the initial suspension that turned into a firing only after a lawsuit. If he was the top candidate prior to that, the board may have decided to go in a different direction. Of course, I could be completely wrong and maybe they were impressed and he became a stronger candidate in their eyes.
  9. I don’t think I’ve noticed her before either. She was certainly very nervous, though she seemed to calm down as the performance went on. I can’t imagine the amount of pressure. She’s certainly one to watch- very elegant, with beautiful lines.
  10. I attended last night’s New Combinations program. In terms of the actual ballets I enjoyed Herman Schmerman the best. It’s odd in that it’s effectively two ballets, with the first five dancers actually taking bows before the second half- the pas de deux- begins. I thought Unity Phelan and Harrison Ball particularly stood out. Unfortunately Naomi Corti had a bad fall in the beginning, and it seemed to rattle her. She is obviously a beautiful and talented dancer, though, and I look forward to seeing more of her in the future. She looked shocked at the large amount of applause she got. Principia is a perfectly nice and bland ballet. The costumes are almost identical, with gray leotards and unitards with tights pulled up over them (the female leads had gray waistbands while the rest of the women had pink ones). I enjoyed the group choreography but it really seemed perfunctory and very standard for Peck. Mira Nadon and Miriam Miller, two of the demi soloists, stood out for me. I saw The Runaway last fall and it’s improved on me since then, though it’s not my cup of tea. Taylor Stanley really shines in it and it’s a great vehicle for him. The audience was less raucous in their response this time around, which helped me at least in being able to take in the nuances of the choreography.
  11. Week 4 casting. https://www.nycballet.com/NYCB/media/NYCBMediaLibrary/PDFs/Press/Casting/NYCB-Casting-February-13-17-2019-lobby.pdf Gordon and Janzen debut as Desire, King debuts as Lilac, Reichlen as Carabosse.
  12. An apprentice, Naomi Corti, is replacing Sterling Hyltin in Herman Schmerman next week. I haven’t really noticed her but it’s definitely exciting to see a young dancer get an opportunity like this.
  13. They just used a picture of Misty with Damien Woetzel. She wasn’t listed as a candidate.
  14. As per the Annual Luncheon invitation the Janice Levin honoree for 2019 is Kristen Segin. Davide Ricardo has joined the corps. Congrats to both dancers!
  15. Casting up for Week 2. Ashly Isaacs returns for Times Are Racing.
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