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  1. I attended last night's performance. There were several cast changes and they were announced so fast, I could not keep them straight. Overall, it was a good Swan Lake - not a great one. I have to start with Marcelo Gomes. The technique may not be there as it once was, but wow - does he own that role. The stage presence, the command of the audience and his connection with his fellow dancers on stage - it is really amazing to see. Lendorf was good - not spectacular- but good. I noticed a few wobbles and he was not fully extended on some of his moves, but he was a v
  2. I saw the opening night performance with Murphy and Stearns and then I saw the second night with Copeland and Cirio. Murphy was spectacular on the first night. She was technically brilliant and artistically fiery and playful. Stearns was solid but not really outstanding. It seemed that the audience was sitting on its hands anytime he had a solo. I seemed to have the same reaction that many of you had to the casting of Hee Seo as Mercedes/Queen of the Dryads. When I sat down and opened the program I said to myself - "Has she fixed her problem with the Italian fouet
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